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How to Create a Great Landscaping Business Website

A website is a powerful tool for any landscaping small business owner to take advantage of. Your website can attract new leads, convert them to bookings and allow you to build a strong online brand presence. A well-developed landscaping website will help buyers think of you first over your competitors for all their needs. 

A winning landscaping business website consists of the elements discussed in this article and will help elevate your small business to new heights. 

Entice your client from the start

When a prospect first enters your website, they should be motivated to stay. Potential clients should be enticed to view more about your work from the very start of your homepage. 

Always showcase your best projects and most high-profile clients on your homepage. We recommend using an image carousel or HD video to do this.

Use a strong tagline

The first words on your landscaping website’s homepage should be the name of your company, your geographic location and a robust and memorable tagline that hooks your audience. 

A good tagline provides a snippet of your businesses approach and should differentiate your brand from competitors.

Identify your services well

It’s essential to tailor your services and package offerings and identify them on your site. This information should be easy to access from the homepage so that prospects don’t click away from your site. 

Prospects arrive on your website after realizing that you offer the general services they need and that you operate in their region. Therefore, it’s the job of your services page to show clients what your business is capable of. Unclear services pages will leave potential clients confused, and they will be less likely to book your services. 

Keep it simple

Overwhelming, cluttered landscaping website designs are not user-friendly and will make your landscaping website fall flat with prospects. Minimalistic, simple designs that are user-friendly and easy-to-read are promoted by Google’s algorithm and will be more effective in driving sales. 

You can find professional, simplistic website design templates on website builders such as Wix and WordPress for free. 

Appeal to social proof

Social proof in the form of reviews, testimonials or a link to a third-party review site for your business needs to be included in your website. This social proof establishes your authenticity and builds trust between consumers and your brand. 

Reviews make you more visible in the search engine and help drive more sales. This is because consumers tend to trust positively reviewed brands with their business. If you can include testimonials, try to place them clearly on your homepage. 

Consider on-page SEO

On-page SEO is pretty much the keywords you use on your website and how you position them. You want to ensure you are using keywords that match your business and services and make sure they appear frequently on your web pages. 

Remember, Google tracks keywords from left to right, so always try and place important keywords at the start of sentences. It’s also a good idea to include your main keyword in the first three lines of your website. 

Think about speed

Google’s algorithm is clever and penalizes websites that provide a bad, slow user experience. When a lead enters your website, you have mere seconds to capture their attention before they click away. If your website is filled with images, video and other large files, your website may not even load before you lose your lead. 

Google likes websites that are designed with the user in mind. You want to keep your website looking as professional as possible while still loading quickly. 

Use pop-ups

Website pop-ups can help improve engagement on your website and stop potential leads from clicking away. You can offer an incentive for providing their email address, such as providing free consultation, free pdf or discount code. 

Gathering these emails into an email marketing list will allow you to send marketing emails to lukewarm leads, which may improve your conversion and click-through rates.

Include blog content

Blogs are a great way to drive traffic to your site. If a potential client is searching for landscaping services, chances are they have questions about gardening and landscaping. Answering these frequently asked questions as blog posts will help establish your landscaping business as the authority and help drive more traffic to your site.  

The true beauty in blog posts is that they remain online indefinitely, which means they will constantly be able to drive traffic to your website. 

Use a call-to-action

A call-to-action is an absolute must on your landscaping website. Your call to action is what motivates a potential client to move down your sales funnel. A call to action is a signpost that directs your prospect to reach out, make a purchase or leave their details. 

Your call-to-action must be compelling and user-friendly. Thankfully, BidClips allows you to add our widget to your homepage, allowing clients to submit a service request whilst giving you all the information you need to chase your lead. Our widgets are designed with user-friendliness in mind, and we cut out all of the back and forth that is typically required to qualify a lead. 

The BidClips widget allows potential clients to receive quotes, other details and more without leaving your webpage. BidClips is the easiest way to receive genuine leads from your landscaping website without sacrificing your webpages SEO or load times. Google’s algorithm hates websites filled with traditional ‘contact me’ forms. Thankfully, our widget gets you leads without sacrificing your business's visibility. 

In summary

As a landscaping small business owner, it’s crucial to invest in a website that attracts and qualifies leads and helps win more clients. The above tips outline how to create a winning landscaping business website that sets you apart from the competition. 

Your website should identify your services and sell your business to potential clients. A great landscaping website is optimized for lead generation, and using a widget like BidClips is the perfect way to get more qualified leads from your website. To find out more about our widget, contact our friendly team today. 

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