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Window Cleaning Industry Trends

Are you managing a window cleaning business?

Having clean windows brings many benefits for homes and workplaces. For example, employees sitting by a window optimizing natural light experienced productivity. The windows should be clean and in excellent condition for the best illumination.

However, industry trends continue to change the residential and commercial cleaning sectors. Adapt with the latest methods of delivering your services to keep yourself at the top.

Do you want a good starting point? Continue reading below for some of the most important trends to follow to help grow your window cleaning business.

A Promising, Low-Risk Industry

The window cleaning market bodes a promising outlook. After all, commercial window cleaning is a lucrative business for prospective entrepreneurs. It provides recurring and regular work, especially with the current global health situation.

Commercial cleaning leads the general cleaning services market as its most profitable segment. As for window cleaning, it’s a low-risk venture, making it relatively recession-proof. With more companies transitioning to a remote setup, demand for window cleaning services extends to the residential market.

Specializing in window cleaning is likewise a wise move. Many general cleaning companies do not deliver sterling results in window cleaning.

One way to further reduce the risk is to partner with a franchise system. Instead of building a company from the ground up, franchising will shorten the gap between the break-even and profitability levels.

Since franchises have more funding, they also have access to the latest techniques.

The Window Cleaning Drones

One of the cleaning technologies shaping the industry’s future is the cleaning drones. It’s strictly not new tech, considering the companies using them to clean tall buildings. Still, it plays a role in a growing industry like window cleaning.

Expect more companies to adopt these drones for many reasons. Drones reduce the occupational risk of cleaners. Instead of cleaners dangling off buildings, the cleaning drones can take on the task.

Drone manufacturers recently introduced tethering technology. It increases the cleaning drones’ reach and boosts their operational time.

Aside from drones, robotic cleaners will soon climb tall buildings. They can clean those hard-to-reach areas that some cleaning drones cannot conquer. Unlike drones requiring a user to pilot them, robotic cleaners are autonomous.

The Cradle and Abseil Techniques

Window cleaning companies will use more efficient techniques to complete their tasks faster. One of the more fascinating methods is the cradle or building maintenance unit (BMU). It features a cradle unit that you can lower from the top of the building.

In turn, cleaners can use the unit as a secure platform. BMUs are excellent for cleaning windows of skyscrapers and tall commercial buildings that feature a straight descent.

Another technique expected to make waves is the abseil or rope access window cleaning. It uses a harness and a rope to secure the cleaners as abseil down the sides of the buildings. The setup begins at the top of the structure, where cleaners will anchor themselves.

As they move down the sides, they use the rope to move freely. Before window cleaners do, they must pass formal training and certification. Because of the method’s safety and reliability, cleaners can use it to reach areas that don’t allow ladders, scaffoldings, and platforms.

It’s also fast, efficient, and causes minimal disruption.

Window Cleaning Software

More cleaning businesses will use window cleaning software to streamline their operations. Automating the sales to service pipeline becomes possible through a one-stop sales platform.

The software can help attract new clients to develop into long-term customers. It allows businesses to upload videos and images and simplify the consultation process. In turn, they can get more qualified leaders faster in a few clicks of their computer.

Another benefit of using software is automating follow-ups. The software sends follow-up SMS and emails to customers to boost engagement. It also establishes transparency of the services to help build customer trust.

Sending estimates and invoices can take up a lot of time. By using software, you can make the process easier through automation. Send invoices faster to your customers while giving them more payment options.

The software can let them schedule their payments using their mobile devices. Lastly, you can find software to help manage your sales numbers. It uses specific metrics to track your sales performance.

You can use the data to improve on weaknesses and highlight your strengths.

COVID-19 Cleaning Protocols

The pandemic also forced the industry to revisit its cleaning methods. Cleaners now use solutions to kill coronavirus and other pathogens. Cleaning companies provide training to ensure safety for workers and customers.

On the flip side, homes and businesses demand a deeper level of cleaning. They call on cleaners more frequently than ever. Customers also make sure the window cleaners use the right products for sanitation and disinfection.

Green Is Still In

Last but not least, consumers will look for cleaning companies that use sustainable products. People are becoming more aware of the impact of cleaning solutions on the environment. Though most cleaning products work, they don’t guarantee the eco-friendliness of their ingredients.

Green-conscious customers will likely sign a cleaning company using green products. Aside from the raw materials of the cleaning solutions, more companies will adapt to green practices. They’ll enroll their employees in extensive training and certifications to ensure they follow earth-friendly methods.

Taking on a green initiative will help companies attract more clients. It also boosts their reputation to expand faster.

Boost Your Window Cleaning Business Now

Now that you know the window cleaning trends to follow, you can revisit your business strategies and make the necessary adjustments. You’ll better understand the market and provide better services in the process.

If managing your operations is a struggle, we can make things easier. We offer a reliable platform that’ll streamline your business processes.

Connect with us and request a free demo of our window cleaning software. Let’s boost your business and make it a rousing success today.

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