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A Complete Guide to Pest Control Business Software

Market reports project that the global pest control industry is set to grow at a healthy rate of almost 5%. The US is predicted to make up for 45% of this growth. 

However, the pest control industry is dominated by giants. Large pest control companies have more money to devote to customer channels and business software. 

Fortunately, as a smaller business, you can still compete. If you invest in the right pest control business software, you can offer your customers top-notch service and more convenience. You can also save time, help your teams stay more organized, increase bid acceptance rates, and speed up payments. 

However, you have to pick the right software solution. Otherwise, you'll end up wasting money on a solution that doesn't level up your business. 

Avoid this and continue reading to find out everything you need to know to select the best pest control software for your small business. 

Determine Your Needs

If you're looking for pest control business software, the first thing to do is evaluate your needs. What are you struggling with in your business right now?

Are you losing time and sanity jumping between spreadsheets, emails, and instant messages? Are you overturning piles of physical paperwork? Hunting for image printouts your customers have sent you, just so you can compile a quote?

If this sounds like you, your business is suffering from siloing. Instead of having all the info you need in one place to run your business, it's spread out between your inbox, Excel files, filing cabinets, text messages, etc. 

Or maybe you're struggling to win bids, or get customers to pay you on time?

These types of pain points aren't a negative reflection on you or your company. They're just an indication that you don't have the tools you need to streamline operations and focus on the important stuff. 

Look for a Software Solution That Meets All Your Needs

Once you have made a list of your pain points, look for a software solution that can meet all of your needs. 

In today's age, there is no need for a home service business to waste time jumping between different tools and applications. This can erode your focus and lead to disorganization. It can also be more expensive. 

You should be able to serve nearly all of your business management needs with one solution. The less you have to jump between apps the more time you'll win back and the less siloed information you'll have.

This is why we structured BidClips so that it can serve a range of functions for your business. 

Instead of having to invest in CRM software, complex web design features, team collaboration software, and automated messaging, you can access all of these functionalities via one simple application. 

Not only can you seamlessly interact with leads and customers. You can also manage teams and assist salespeople with BidClips. All customer and job info is stored in one place, reducing the need to jump between apps.

At one glance you can see if a customer has paid their downpayment, what the status is on their job, etc. 

Vet for an Accounting Integration

Another thing to look for in pest control business software is an accounting integration. The last thing you want to have to do is manually migrate data from your pest control reporting software over into your accounting solution. 

If your pest control business software offers an accounting integration, it will seamlessly feed the data over.

These types of integration features aren't usually available with free pest control software. However, the time you'll save with an accounting integration can more than help cover the cost of paid pest control business software.

Want to integrate your pest control software with QuickBooks? BidClips has you covered. If you connect your BidClips account with QuickBooks you can automatically generate QuickBooks invoices from quotes. You can also sync payments so that your balances are always up to date.

Make Sure the Interface Is Intuitive 

If your pest control business software is unintuitive and difficult to navigate, you might struggle to get full adoption from your teams. If there are any customer-facing components, this can also impact sales numbers. 

A pest control business software solution might have multiple functions. But this doesn't mean it needs to be complicated to use.

The best pest control software should be intuitive to operate, both for you and your staff. Customer-facing elements like quote builders and online payment solutions should be seamless and effortlessly guide visitors to book a service from you. 

Research shows that the majority of online payments are made directly on biller sites. However, if a customer gets frustrated trying to use your online payment facility, there's a good chance they might abandon the purchase. 

Pick Pest Control Business Software That Will Increase Your Sales

Pest control business software has the power to save time, streamline operations, and keep things organized. The best pest control software should also be able to directly increase your sales numbers. 

Thanks to our intuitive yet detailed quote builder, automated response system, and easy online payment option, leads are more likely to close with BidClips. BidClips can even increase your average sales totals by automatically suggesting related products and services before checkout. 

For instance, customers who might have only ordered an ant control service for their lawn might end up adding fertilization, palm care, or tick and flea control to their order. 

Thanks to these features, some BidClips customers have seen their closing rate almost double. 

Opt For Automated Follow-Ups

Following up with all your customers can become a full-time job when business is good. With Bidclips you can send automated follow-ups to customers. 

This can trigger higher close rates and better customer service. Instead of letting customers slip through the cracks, you can effortlessly maximize every lead through automated follow-ups. 

Choose Pest Control Business Software That Will Make You Stand Out

Picking the right pest control business software can boost sales numbers. It can also save you time and optimize your business operations.

Are you looking for the best pest control software? BidClips offers everything you need to turn your business into a well-oiled machine and make it stand out. 

Ready to see how BidClips can help your business? Request a free demo today.