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How Abra Kadabra Uses BidClips to Grow Their Pest Control Business

Matthew Eickman is the owner and CEO of Abra Kadabra Environmental Services, a pest and wildlife control company located in the Minneapolis metro area. Since 2005, they’ve built a strong reputation as a family owned business that cares deeply about their customers; and in turn, they’ve continued to grow and provide top-notch pest and wildlife control services. We had the opportunity to talk with Matthew about his journey with the business, and how he’s been able to use BidClips to improve. 

Implementing New Technology to Fuel Small Business Growth

Matt has been the sole owner of Abra Kadabra for 5 years, a position he inherited from his father-in-law after working for him for several years. For him, implementing a technology that helped keep track of his customers was a game changer. “I inherited a nightmare as far as data was concerned.” As a small business with a lot of growth, getting a system to keep track of customer information was an important step in being able to give each customer the attention and detail they deserve. “The ability to access my customer’s information as a solo operator, when everything was paper, was damn near impossible.”

With BidClips, Matt has been able to keep track of each customer as their information is seamlessly added to the platform. Every service request, message, sent quote, and closed job is kept in a database specific to each customer, making it incredibly easy to find whatever information is needed about an individual.

Along with the practical aspects of BidClips as a tool, Matthew said he enjoys being a part of BidClips’ journey. The BidClips success team is constantly looking for ways to improve user experience, and Matthew has had opportunities to present feedback and watch as the platform is tailored to meet his exact needs. 


Capturing more customer information for marketing

Matthew recognized a valuable aspect of BidClips that can often be overlooked; its use as a marketing tool. As soon as customers put their information into the BidClips widget (a pop-up tool that goes on your website), it’s stored in the database for easy remarketing. It’s a simple way to gather more leads without spending extra money on advertising. “The money we were putting into marketing was giving less output because we weren’t capturing all their information to remarket to or retarget.”

What’s more, those leads are automatically followed up with, a BidClips feature that’s seen closing ratios improve by up to 25% for many of our businesses. Customers are reminded to finish their service requests with a series of automated texts and emails over a span of 30 days. 

Improved online customer experience

Matthew had a lot to say about the BidClips Widget; the pop-up tool we put on your website. It’s a tool that allows your website visitors to find the service they’re looking for, then input exactly what they need along with their information. In an era where online shopping is standard (75% of people shop online at least once a month), the widget gives Matthew’s customers an easy way to buy the services they’re looking for. “What BidClips does is it almost allows us to deliver that Amazon type experience, which I think a growing percent of the population is really looking for.” 

Once the customer starts inputting their information, it’s captured. Unlike a traditional website form, where you can lose out on leads that don’t complete the whole thing, the BidClips platform will send out automatic follow-up messages reminding someone to complete their service request. “Sometimes a consumer gets to a point where they don’t wanna put any more info in,” says Matthew; but with BidClips, the information doesn’t need to be finished to start marketing to the customer.   

A Human Touch

Matthew also liked how using the widget to make sales doesn’t mean taking the human interaction out of the process. As a family run business, Abra Kadabra takes pride in the trust they’ve built with their customers over the years. BidClips allows them to keep building on that trust with simple ways to put a personal touch in the sales process. “You have those pop-up videos where you can still have that humanized interaction with that customer to guide them through that journey.” Every step of the customer journey is customizable, meaning a shop can put in a variety of personalized messaging; for example, a video welcoming the customer, or explaining the process. 

Throughout the buying process, Abra Kadabra has a variety of ways in which they can continue to interact with customers. The widget has a live chat functionality to give website users access to the team, and once customers submit their request, messaging happens directly in the quote building tool. With messaging tied directly to each individual customer, it also means nothing slips through the cracks if different people within the business are interacting with the same customer.   


More opportunities to close with online booking

Anyone running a business knows the feeling of trying to be everywhere at once. Taking care of existing customers, finding new customers, dealing with operations, employees, etc. When it comes to closing a sale, it’s easy to miss opportunities when you’re too busy to pick up the phone. For Matthew, BidClips’ ability to close jobs at any time is a game changer. “More opportunities to close. It’s hard when you can only close when you’re on the phone with somebody.” 

Using BidClips allows a customer to complete payment and schedule a visit at any time. That means Abra Kadabra often sees jobs close when they’re not even around. “This sales process is running even when you're not there.” In fact, we’ve found that over 23% of customers who book online, do so after hours or on weekends. 

Simplifying the Sale

In closing, Matthew talked about the ways in which BidClips makes selling easier, and not just for him. “It’s twofold; the customer benefits because it’s streamlining the process, but also the office admins, people on the phones handling customer service, inquiries and leads; their time gets multiplied which allows them to have more success and less stress in their day-to-day interactions.” 

BidClips simplifies the sales process by shortening it; there’s less back and forth between the first interaction with a customer and the closed job. In Matthew’s words, it’s the “ability to just get a quote out as fast as possible. Getting that to them we’ve realized is one of the key factors to success; how fast we can get it to them.”


All About People

At the end of the day, it’s clear that Abra Kadabra prioritizes genuine customer interactions, service, and trust. They’ve built a culture that’s dedicated to providing excellent service, and BidClips is another way they’ve found to keep improving those relationships. Growing a business while keeping a personal touch can be difficult, but Matthew Eickman and Abra Kadabra have been seizing opportunities to succeed while building a great reputation.


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