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How a Google Ad Campaign Could Help Your Glass Business

Nearly half of all Google searches are for local businesses. In fact, about 70% of all web traffic is directed through Google. By creating a Google ad campaign, you can appear in front of consumers searching for a glass business.

Then, you can direct them to your website before turning that visitor into a lead or paying customer.

On the fence about using Google Ads for small businesses? Here are nine reasons to give it serious thought. After reading this guide, you can discover how advertising on Google can become a lucrative strategy for your glass business.

Keep reading to discover the amazing benefits of using Google Ads for glass businesses today!

1. Reach Clients Online

Remember, nearly half of all Google searches are inquiries about local businesses. Chances are, your customers are already online, searching. Will they find your website during a Google search?

Using Google Ads for glass businesses can help you appear in front of people who want your offerings. You can appear in front of people while they're in the mood to shop. You could increase your chances of generating leads and sales as a result.

Other marketing strategies, like cold calling, are disruptive. You're not always reaching consumers when they're looking for a glass business.

Other strategies like billboards and print ads can reach any consumer. Again, you're not necessarily reaching your target audience.

Instead, you can use Google ad strategies to perfect your targeting. You can focus on people within a specific radius. You can also target consumers based on age, gender, and other demographics.

Otherwise, focus on the keywords people use to find your glass business online.

Creating a Google ad campaign will ensure you appear in front of people who are already searching for a glass business. Then, you can leverage their initial interest to draw them to your store.

With precise targeting, you can also use personalized messaging to better appeal to your customers.

You might have an easier time boosting sales as a result. 

2. Generate Brand Awareness

If people don't realize your glass business exists, they'll turn their attention toward your competitors instead. Before that can happen, consider using Google Ads for small businesses. You can create text and display ads to boost brand awareness. 

It can take multiple impressions before consumers become aware of your brand. Repeat exposure can help you generate awareness. 

You might have an easier time remaining top of mind.

The next time that customer needs a glass business, they'll recall seeing your ads. Instead of searching for a glass business, they'll visit your website directly.

Boosting brand awareness could help brand recognition grow. Then, you can draw people to your business with ease. 

3. Immediate Results

Some digital marketing strategies can take time before you experience results. For example, it can take a while for organic search engine rankings to improve. While search engine optimization (SEO) is important, pay-per-click advertising is faster.

You can rank at the top of a search engine results page the same day you create your Google ad campaign. Appearing in front of consumers immediately will help you generate immediate results.

You can create a campaign each time you have a limited-time sale or event, too. 

4. Generate Quality Web Traffic

If people aren't visiting your website, they might never learn about your business. They might not realize you have the experience and expertise they're searching for. They might never get the opportunity to explore your offerings, either.

You can optimize a Google Ads campaign to generate more website traffic.

As people visit your website, they can learn more about your business and your offerings. Then, they can contact your business or fill out a form. Generating more traffic could lead to more sales, boosting your ROI. 

5. Increase Leads

You can optimize Google Ads campaigns with different goals in mind.

For example, you might want to create a call-only campaign. When someone clicks on your ad, they'll call your business directly. Then, you have an immediate opportunity to generate a sale.

You can also optimize your landing pages with a form. When someone clicks on the ad, they'll reach the landing page. Then, they can use the form to schedule a consultation. 

Regardless of your goals, you can use Google Ads for small businesses to generate leads and sales with ease.

6. Track Your Results

With traditional advertising strategies, it's often difficult to track the progress of each campaign. Without analytics, it's difficult to make improvements. You could waste money as a result.

With Google Ads, however, you can gather helpful data about each ad, ad group, and campaign. Then, you can optimize the Google Ads campaign to improve your ROI.

In fact, paid advertising returns $2 for every $1 spent. That's a 200% ROI rate!

7. Keep Up With Competitors

Your competitors are already reaching customers online. If you want to rank ahead of them on Google, consider using Google Ads. 

Ranking at the top of the page will ensure consumers see your website first.

8. Boost SEO Rankings

You can use your Google Ads campaigns to generate more website traffic. Google will notice you're generating traffic and increasing your dwell times. It might boost your organic SEO rankings as a result.

Improving your advertising and SEO rankings will help you reach even more customers online. 

9. Control Costs

You can make immediate adjustments to your Google Ads campaigns, allowing you complete control. With traditional advertising methods, you can't change the text or imagery once your ads are finalized.

Having control over your campaigns will ensure you don't waste time or money.

You can even adjust your daily budget to ensure you never go over budget. 

Pick PPC: 9 Benefits of Using a Google Ad Campaign for Your Glass Business

A strong Google Ad campaign can set your glass business up for lasting growth. You can reach more customers online and draw them to your website. Then, you can boost conversions, gain new customers, and improve your ROI.

With Google Ads for glass businesses, you can expand your reach and experience lasting success. 

Looking for more ways to transform your glass business? We can help.

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