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How to Run a Successful Google Ads Campaign for Auto Glass

Paid advertisements have a 200% return rate. In fact, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising generates twice as many website visitors as search engine optimization (SEO). About 65% of consumers already click on PPC.

Since 93% of Americans use the web to find local businesses, you can use Google PPC ads to advertise your auto glass business. 

Not sure how to create a successful Google Ads campaign to boost your ROI? Read on for the tips you need today!

Research Your Customers

Before creating your first auto glass campaign or ad, take the time to gather research. Research can better inform your advertising strategy. Otherwise, you might try to reach the wrong audience.

If people who don't want or need your auto glass services click on your ad, they'll leave your website without exploring your content. Your bounce rate can increase, which will hurt your organic search engine rankings. As people leave your site, your Google Ads quality score will drop, too.

A low quality score can make the cost-per-click (CPC) more expensive, hurting your ROI.

Instead, you can use personalized ads to connect with customers. Empathizing with their needs and interests can help you generate leads. Meanwhile, you can specify your target parameters to only reach ideal, nearby customers. 

You can even define different buyer personas to create personalized ads for multiple customer groups.

First, determine who your customers are based on demographic parameters, including:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Location
  • Marital status
  • Education
  • Career
  • Language
  • Salary

Next, consider demographics like buying behaviors, online behaviors, pain points, interests, and hobbies. If necessary, create more than one buyer persona to distinguish your customers. 

Once you define each audience group, consider what each consumer searches for to find your business online. Build a list of target keywords using tools like Answer the Public, SEMRush, Google Trends, or Keyword Planner. Look for keywords that have a high search volume but low competition.

When you begin writing your auto glass ads, make sure to keep each buyer persona in mind. Write ads that appeal to the consumer based on their needs. 

Audit Your Website

Your website can impact your quality score as well. It could hurt your ability to generate leads through your auto glass campaign, too. Take the time to audit and update your website.

First, improve the user experience by confirming your website is fast, mobile-optimized, secure, and user-friendly. Make sure it's easy for visitors to explore and use your website. Try to simplify your forms, too.

Make sure your forms are easy to complete by reducing the number of fields used.

As you develop your Google Ads campaign, you might consider creating single keyword ad groups (SKAGs). As the name suggests, you'll focus on one keyword within each ad group. You can create dedicated landing pages on your website based on the keywords you choose.

Match the language between your auto glass ads and landing pages. Consistency will help you avoid confusing the customer.

Otherwise, they might click on the ad, only to reach a page that doesn't match their needs or interests.

Organize Your Keywords

Once you've gathered your keyword research, you can start organizing your first auto glass campaign.

A single campaign will target a specific audience. You can create ad groups within each campaign. Each ad group can target multiple keywords.

With that in mind, try grouping similar keywords together. 

If you're using the SKAGs method, you can use different keyword match types.

If you're struggling to create an effective Google Ads campaign, don't hesitate to ask for help. Look for an agency that specializes in Google Ads for auto glass businesses. You can leverage their experience and expertise to make a more effective campaign.

With their help, you can start generating results from your campaigns right away. 

Set a Budget

You can set a daily budget for each campaign you create. 

Consider how much you want to spend a month on digital advertising. Then, divide that amount by 30 to determine your daily budget.

With PPC advertising, you pay a certain amount when someone clicks on your ads. You can also create display ads, which are charged based on 1,000 views. How much you pay can vary based on how competitive your target keywords are.

Once your ads go live, keep an eye on how much you're spending. You might need to make adjustments to your budget. 

If the budget is too tight, however, you won't appear in front of as many customers, impacting your ability to generate leads. 

Write Compelling Ads

Once you've organized your campaigns and ad groups, you can start creating ads.

Determine if you want to create text or display ads. Text ads will appear on Google's search engine result pages (SERPs). Display ads can appear on other websites. 

Make sure each ad you create is relevant to the keywords you're targeting. Including the target keyword in the headline and description. 

Create more than one ad for each ad group to A/B test your ad language. 

Add Extensions

You can increase your clickthrough rate by adding eye-catching extensions to your ads.

For example, you can display your products and services, multiple business locations, or a clickable phone number. Ad extensions can help your ads stand out from other Google Ads. Meanwhile, you can give consumers more than one way to convert, increasing your likelihood of a lead. 

Analyze and Adjust

Once you begin using these auto glass marketing tips, keep an eye on your campaigns. Determine which ads are generating the most leads or sales. Then, make adjustments to your ad language to generate more results.

You might need to make changes to the ad language, targeting parameters, budget, or keywords.

Making these changes will boost your ROI over time. 

Auto Glass Businesses: Run a Successful Google Ads Campaign Today

Learning how to create a successful Google Ads campaign can take a little trial and error. Instead, hire an experienced auto glass marketing agency and start using the right software. With help, you can create effective auto glass ads.

Then, you can boost your ROI, grow your business, and experience lasting success.

Want to reach more customers this year? We can help.

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