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5 Tips for Getting Google Reviews for Your Window Cleaning Business

About 95% of consumers read online reviews before making a purchase. Another 93% read reviews of local businesses to determine their quality. In fact, 72% won't make buying decisions until they read reviews.

Google reviews can impact your sales, too. For example, businesses with nine current reviews earn 52% more revenue than others. When businesses have more than 25 recent reviews, it increases to 108%.

Learning how to generate reviews for your window cleaning business can set your business up for lasting growth. You can establish your credibility and encourage brand trust to grow.

In time, brand trust can turn into brand loyalty, allowing you to retain repeat customers. Your ROI will rise as a result.

Not sure how to generate fresh reviews for your window cleaning business? Here are five strategies to try.

Start boosting your window cleaning business with these five tips today.

1. Optimize Your Listings

When searching for a local business, about 60% of consumers check Google My Business listings for reviews. If you want to generate more Google reviews this year, make sure your listing is optimized.

Optimizing your listing will make it easier for consumers to find your window cleaning business online. Otherwise, your competitors might appear during a search.

Your existing customers might struggle to post their reviews if your listing isn't up-to-date, either.

First, check your Google My Business listing. Make sure the information is accurate and reflects what appears on your website. Google compares the information between your listing and website to make sure it's accurate. 

Your listing should feature your:

  • Company's name
  • Website URL
  • Physical address
  • Phone number
  • Business hours
  • Customer reviews
  • Posts
  • Photos and videos

You can further optimize your listing by making sure to include the correct industry. Continue updating your listing throughout the year, too. For example, you can include updates if your hours change. 

Once you update your listing, look at your website. Do you have a page on your website that's dedicated to customer reviews?

You can use a plugin to feed Google reviews to your website. Then, add an eye-catching button to your website. Encourage customers to post their reviews on your Google My Business listing.

Adding a page and call to action button on your website will make it easier for your customers to post their reviews. 

2. Provide the Best Service

If you want to generate fresh reviews for your window cleaning business, give consumers a reason to sing your praises. Make sure you're offering consumers the best customer service year-round. If you offer the best service, people will want to talk up your business. 

Schedule a meeting with your employees and brainstorm ways to improve your customer service this year.

Make sure you always greet customers with a smile. After helping your customers, ask for their feedback. For example, you can ask, "How was your service today" or "Is there anything we can do to improve?"

Listen to the feedback your customers provide. Then, continue making updates to your business throughout the year.

Are your customers already happy with the service they're receiving? Thank them! Then, ask them to post their comments on your Google My Business listing.

Consumers usually want to share their thoughts. Directing them to your Google My Business listing will give them the chance. Some consumers might not realize your listing exists until you mention it. 

Providing the best possible customer experience will minimize the occurrence of negative reviews, too.  

3. Learn How to Ask

As you use these tips for generating more Google reviews, it's important to avoid purchasing reviews. Purchased reviews will make your business look ingenuine. Most consumers can recognize fake reviews.

People might think you have something to hide. They could struggle to trust your window cleaning business.

Don't incentivize people to post reviews by offering gifts, either. Offering incentives goes against Google's terms and conditions. 

Instead, learn how to ask consumers to post their reviews in person. 

Spark a conversation with your customers after you offer your services. If they sing your praises, direct them to your Google My Business listing.

Learning how to ask in person can take practice. Start practicing now to perfect your strategy!

Make sure to ask more than once, too. You can use software to send customers reminders a week after you provide their service. Using software to generate reviews will save you valuable time and money. 

4. Update Print Materials

Once you update your website with a dedicated Testimonials page, consider developing a print marketing campaign. For example, you can create a QR code that directs people to your Testimonials page. Then, you can add a sign to your front door prompting people to post their reviews.

You can also create flyers or mailers. After you help a customer, leave a flyer at their front door. Prompt them to post their reviews online.

Using a QR will simplify the process for consumers. They won't have to find your listing online themselves. They won't have to type out a lengthy URL, either. 

5. Start Automating

You can use software to automate your requests for reviews. Remember, automation can save you valuable time and money. You can generate reviews without having to ask on your own. 

You can use different forms of automation software to generate reviews.

For example, you can add a chatbot to your website. Chatbots can prompt people to post their reviews online.

You can also automate drip email campaigns. Emails will automatically arrive in the consumer's inbox after you provide your service. The email can direct them straight to your Google My Business listing. 

Using the best software available will help you generate fresh reviews throughout the year. Your credibility will continue to rise as a result. 

Happy Customers: 5 Tips for Generating Google Reviews for Window Cleaning Businesses

Don't miss the chance to generate Google reviews for your window cleaning business this year. Instead, consider using these five tips to gather fresh reviews. Fresh reviews will boost your credibility, improving your ROI for years to come.

Remember, you don't have to use these tips alone. Instead, consider using the best software available. 

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