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Top Benefits of Having a Call Answering Team or Service

Only 48% of all calls received are answered. Missed calls aren't just a missed opportunity; they're a hit to your reputation. If your lines are always busy and people can't get through to you, they'll find a different company to interact with.

A call-answering service solves these issues while also adding extra benefits that will make you stand out from the competition.

Keep reading to find out more about the benefits of having a call-answering team or service for your business.

Put Your Best Foot Forward

When you use an answering service, you can ensure your company will always appear professional and put together. A receptionist or office administrator can get distracted by other work. Whereas, the main goal of an answering service is to answer the phones.

This way, you can ensure your company will always answer the phone, while also creating a pleasant customer service experience.

Boosts Staff Productivity

Phones constantly ringing are not only a distraction but can also negatively affect productivity. Unless all company phones are in an office, that won't affect the rest of the team. Phone calls will only interrupt the workflow.

If you don't have someone dedicated to answering phones, you'll find your staff routinely interrupted by calls. Not only does it take them away from the work they are doing, but it will also take time for them to get back into the flow of their work.

Adding a live answering service will eliminate this issue and will boost productivity in the workplace. You'll find your staff completes their work faster, which results in an increase in profits.

After Hours Service

Having a call service that is available after your standard working hours will be a big benefit to your company. This allows people browsing at night to simply give your company a call instead of having to write an email and wait for a reply.

Offering customers later phone hours gives them the freedom to complete their workday in peace. Your customers can rest assured that their questions will be answered when they have time to call you.

Flexible call service hours make your company more appealing to people that don't work a 9-to-5 job. Night workers and remote workers follow different schedules, so the times they're available to inquire about your services might not align with standard service times.

This opens up the market to a whole range of customers you might have missed.

Hiring a call answering service is a cost-effective way to expand your business hours without paying for a full team to be on duty. New clients can be handled, meetings can be scheduled, and outbound calls will be taken care of by the time you start your day.

Help Control Your Budget

The biggest expense to most companies is labor. Salaries, benefits, and training costs all add up. When you're trying to control your budget, it might not be a priority to hire an in-house receptionist.

The hiring process alone takes a few days, and then the receptionist will need to be onboarded and trained to ensure they can answer any questions thrown their way.

When it comes to startups and smaller businesses, hiring a receptionist might just not be a good investment.

An answering service takes away the need for an in-house receptionist. You'll receive stellar customer service without needing to worry that you're hiring the wrong person. This way, you can spend the extra money in your budget on more important areas.

Increases Reliability and Consistency

When customers call, they usually have a pressing issue or question that they need to be answered. Your customers need to know that you're reliable and consistent, when it comes to customer service. Training new staff to ensure they follow your quality procedures can take more time than you necessarily have.

When you work with a live answering service, you can ensure that customers receive high-quality service and that all your procedures are followed.

If your procedures or services change, your dedicated agents will be able to meet your needs. When you opt for automated customer service, you lose out on human interaction.

Automated Customer Service Drives Customers Away

Automated customer service, or robot callers, won't bring customers in. When you opt for automated customer service, you lose out on human interaction. Where a live call answering team can change someone's mind if they're on the fence about your service, an automated service will only frustrate them more.

Most of the time when people contact a company that uses automated customer service, they either hang up or still request to speak to a person. If someone takes the time to phone your support line, they generally need help with something that can't find the answer to online.

So it's important to choose a telephone answering team that will give customers the human interaction they desire.

Get a Call Answering Service Today

A call answering service will not only make it easier to contact your company, but it's also the first step in fostering a good customer relationship.

If your company is easy to contact and the lines are never busy, people will be more likely to contact you over a competitor. Simply reducing the number of missed calls you receive by having a live call answering service will increase your client base.

Curious about ways you can help your business succeed? Contact BidClips today and learn more about our software, and our options for connecting you to a great call answering service.