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How BidClips Helps Eagle Auto Glass Organize Quotes and Reduce Calls

Stephanie Abernathy is the co-owner of Eagle Auto Glass; an auto glass shop in Magnolia Texas with over 15 years of experience providing windshield repairs and replacements. As a small, family owned business, Stephanie was looking for a way to grow the business without drowning under a heavy workload of incoming customers. Stephanie found BidClips at a trade show, and since adopting the platform has been able to realize many of the goals she set out to accomplish. 

We got to chat with Stephanie about the ways BidClips has been helping her grow and manage Eagle Auto Glass. 

Quote organization 

When you’re a small business, it can be easy enough to track customer information with paper and pen, or notes on your phone - right up until you realize you’ve got one too many customers to effectively keep track of. Stephanie Abernathy, co-owner of Eagle Auto Glass, found that she needed a way to organize service requests and quotes after keeping everything in her phone notes for a long time. When it came time to book the job, finding the information could be difficult. “I needed way more organization, [the customers] would call a month later and try to set up an appointment.”

Enter BidClips, the Auto Glass CRM that can be tailored to meet the needs of any business - from established franchises to family businesses like Eagle Auto Glass. For Stephanie, there was an immediate benefit as BidClips allowed her to organize quotes and customer information. “If a customer called me 6 months ago, I can just type in their name,” Stephanie said of the usefulness of tracking interactions. 

With BidClips, every lead entered into the system is kept in an easily accessible database. Simply type in the name, or contact information, and you can see a full history of the interactions you’ve had with the individual, from messages, service requests, sent quotes, and closed jobs.

The perfect service request

When collecting information for a service request, Stephanie explained how BidClips has made her job much easier. “The one thing that sold me on it a lot was the amount of information the customers could put into it without having to speak to me first.” BidClips puts a “pop-up” tool on your website that enables customers to choose the service they are looking for, then provides everything your shop needs to build them a quote. Pictures, videos, make and model, VIN, and more; much easier than taking all that information over a phone call. “For them to be able to submit the bid, photos, year, make, and model… without even speaking to me, is fantastic.” 

The ability to capture information without a phone call has helped in a variety of ways; saving Stephanie time, providing accurate information, and allowing customers to give the full scope of information at their own convenience. “VINS are difficult, they’re long, they’re 17 digits,” Stephanie said of the pain of collecting a long number over the phone vs through BidClips. “That's so convenient.”

Along with accurately collecting information and freeing up the phone, Stephanie also talked about how they’ve benefited from customers submitting requests when the shop isn’t even open. “I notice when I come in the morning that I’ll have two or three new bids.” This “after hours” service request submission is common; more than 23% of online booking happens after hours or on the weekend. 

A convenient solution

One huge benefit BidClips has provided for Eagle Auto Glass is convenience - both for them and for their customers. Eagle Auto Glass might be a small business, but they’ve been in the industry for a while and have seen rapid growth that can sometimes be difficult to keep up with. “As a two person business… I have phone calls coming in all day long,” Stephanie said, explaining the all-too-real challenges of making time for every call. Stephanie explained how she’ll often shoot a text off to a customer while on the phone with another, doing whatever it takes to keep up. “I feel pressure to get back to every single one.”  

For Stephanie, having an alternative to accept service requests without constant phone calls is a game changer. “To have the benefit of a different option for customers to send me quote requests that I can get to at my convenience… is fantastic.” BidClips removes all the back and forth of constant phone calls by giving customers an easy way to submit what they need. 

Scheduling and mapping

Two often-overlooked tools within the BidClips software are the scheduling and mapping capabilities. As customer information is entered into the system, a google maps integration automatically lets you know where the job is, and how long you’ll need to get there. For shops like Eagle Auto Glass that offer both in-shop and mobile services, it’s useful for the customer to see what they’re getting as well. “I love that the customer has the option to choose mobile or in shop and see that price difference.”   

For customers that choose to have the service done at their home, the mapping tool makes it easy for Stephanie to schedule the service. “I already know how big of a window I need to provide for drive time,” Stephanie said, explaining how much easier it is to know exactly the time it will take to do a job from start to finish. 

The support team behind the success

In closing, Stephanie mentioned one of the things about BidClips that always sets us apart from other software companies; our excellent support staff. “First of all, you guys.. Entire staff.. I have yet to meet a staff member that’s not been absolutely friendly.” 

BidClips was founded by former home service industry pros, who know the kinds of struggles small business owners face when building their company. Combine this with a detail oriented and responsive onboarding team, and you get a set up process that is painless and easy. “The training process was so easy, you guys were so detailed.”

In closing

For businesses like Eagle Auto Glass, BidClips provides the necessary tools to capture more leads and increase sales, while still meeting customer expectations and providing organization within the company. BidClips removes all the back and forth that often leads to lost jobs, and simplifies the steps a customer needs to take to book a job. 

Interested in learning more about BidClips? Reach out for a free demo today!