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8 Reasons Your Business Needs a Mobile-Friendly Website

Your customer taps their foot, impatient, waiting for a webpage to load on their phone. What they experience, though, is a clunky mobile website design with no fast loading time. Fed up, they exit out of the browser and move on to a competitor.

To build an online presence for your business, you need to build a mobile-friendly website. Otherwise, you will keep losing potential customers, like the one mentioned above. A new mobile marketing strategy will help grow your business and expand its reach in a multitude of ways.

Here's why you need a mobile-friendly website for your business ASAP.

1. Everyone Uses Mobile Devices, Including Competitors

Most everyone in the world has a smartphone or other mobile device. They search, scroll, and click anything on them. Having a mobile-friendly website will put you in the running with everyone else.

Your competitors are already using websites designed for mobile use. Do the same for you and your business. You'll give yourself a higher pageview count for sure.

2. Higher Pageviews are Guaranteed

So many people use mobile phones and devices to look at websites. Because of this, you will likely see a higher pageview count for your own website if you have a website friendly to smartphones.

People can use a cell phone anywhere, and sometimes people don't even have a laptop or computer. They're more likely to use a cell phone to view your business's website than not.

A good mobile website means that potential customers and clients can navigate between your different pages with ease. If your website does not work well for mobile devices, these people may exit your webpage. When this happens, you haven't piqued their interest in an engaging way.

3. A Mobile-Friendly Website is Great for Low Attention Spans

The human attention span doesn't last for very long. That is why a mobile website needs to help highlight your business. It should also pique potential customers' interest.

On November 1, 2016, the number of internet users accessing websites from a smartphone surpassed those using a computer. As screens get smaller and attention spans shorter, it is time to think outside of the box. You need to invest in building a mobile-friendly website for your business to stay relevant.

4. You'll Show Up A Lot on Google

You will rank higher on Google desktop searches if your website is friendlier for mobile users. This is another key reason why your business needs a mobile website today.

Search engines have different search results for desktop or mobile phone searches. Because of this, you want to give your business its best chance to be found. If your website isn't workable for mobile users, then Google will not give you priority on their search results list.

When you redesign or build a mobile website, you invest in getting more views via search engines like Google. The algorithm is not all magic; you need to do some of the work too.

5. Give Your Customers a Faster Download Speed

If your customers need to download a document or photo from your website, give them the fast download speed they deserve. Maybe they are trying to make a purchase as well.

Purchasing with mobile devices depends on fast download speeds to get them from one process of checkout to the next. With a clunky mobile interface, you will not gain customers: you will only turn them away. This is why your mobile marketing strategy must include good mobile designs for websites.

6. Your Customers Can Contact You Easier

On your mobile website, you can have your phone number and email address listed on your contact page. You can also list it at the bottom of every webpage. When a potential customer clicks on it, they can call straight away from their phone or even type a quick email from their email app.

You can manage a remote sales team as well to help you answer frequent calls or emails. A remote sales team can also help finish sales where a customer may have a problem accessing it through your website. Make it clear on your mobile website where they can contact a customer support team.

7. Give Your Customers Easier Access to Your Services and Products

One key part of your mobile marketing strategy must focus on providing customers with easier access to your services and products. You do not want to weigh down their experience with your business's website due to unclear and difficult navigation.

Potential customers are likely doing a little research before they consider buying a product. If they cannot navigate or search with ease through your mobile website to find what they're looking for, then they will give up. They may look to a competitor to complete their search.

8. Stay Modern and "With the Times"

Staying modern and up-to-date on the latest mobile marketing strategy is key to growing your business. Antiquated marketing strategies do not work as well now that everyone has a smartphone in their pocket. Having a mobile website with a friendly interface is necessary.

You also expand your business's reach from a small group of customers to a wider net of diverse customers.

Build Your Mobile-Friendly Website Today

These eight reasons to build a mobile-friendly website today are essential. They will help you develop your mobile marketing strategy.

Your website needs a fast loading time and interesting graphics. It needs easy ways for purchasing with mobile devices. Because of these reasons, your customers will be more willing to enlist in your services.

Are you looking for another way to improve your business? Request a BidClips platform demo today! We can help you grow your customer base.