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Top 5 things to look for in your Auto Glass Software

Experts predict the global automotive glass industry to expand at a CAGR of 10.5%. It experienced a decline of 12.9% due to the pandemic. Still, it will grow from $15.48 billion to $31.16 billion in 2028.

As the market grows in demand, make sure your business can keep up. Growing an auto glass company is never a farfetched goal, but you need help.

You need the best auto glass software to streamline your processes and bring in more money. However, how do you choose the right one for you? Keep reading to see the top five features you should consider.

1. Customization

Every business has unique workflow processes and goals. As such, your auto glass business software should be able to adapt to those.

Look for customizable solutions, but beware of software providers that claim so. Most would promise a high level of flexibility.

However, only a few live up to their words. The best way to know the truth is to test their product.

Integration Options

Whether as a small or large business, you likely have to use other services other than your auto glass software. Make sure they can play nice with each other.

With integrations, you can extend software functionalities. You can also add it to the programs you already use, making user adoption smoother.

Of course, business software can work on its own. However, this may lead to a loss of productivity as your staff moves between programs.

2. Top-Notch Features

Did you know that 61% of businesses that maximized automation surpassed their revenue targets in 2020? It’s only one reason you can make the software solution work for you.

When dealing with glass, your processes should be more meticulous and accurate. Get software that can work with your industry. After all, glass is delicate to handle, even on the administrative side. 

As an auto glass business, look for features to meet your demands. From restocking to managing sales, the software should provide a better workflow. With streamlined processes, you have more time to grow your business. 

The best software offers features like a quote builder and automated tasks. It should also provide metrics you can use for your marketing strategies and making reports.

Look at the payment options, as well. Are these enough for your customers? Consider what they use and what you can accept.

3. Fair Pricing

Many software options today demand a monthly subscription fee. As long as you continue making payments, you can enjoy their services; but you lose privileges when you stop. Subscriptions also usually come with customer support and added features.

The payment schemes of such services vary, but the most common setup requires additional payment for every user. You have to consider the number of your staff when computing your budget.

However, you may also find apps that require a one-time payment only. It’s easier to budget this way, but you may not get proper support. 

Compare Prices

When comparing prices, consider looking beyond the price tag. You want glass software with more value. You have to look at the features, as well.

Aside from the number of users, look at the features included in the price. Some options have payment tiers, which give you more for a higher fee.

Consider your desired features to determine the best software for your requirements. Review the level of help you get, as well. Premium accounts usually receive better support.

4. Good User Reviews

Before you commit to a service, read reviews from real users first. Research helps; check out what solutions other small businesses like using. 

Many review sites go into detail when reviewing a service. They comment and rate the software’s features, such as:

  • Interface
  • Usability
  • Performance
  • Ease of use
  • Customer support
  • Value for money

Check the common issues users often experience. Then, decide whether you can handle them.

Of course, no software is perfect. Look for the following factor, as well.

Customer Support

A crucial factor you should look for in reviews is the developer’s after-sales support. How much help are you getting?

If you encounter an issue, can they quickly solve it? Remember that using business software is a fundamental part of your operations.

If it’s down, your whole process stops, as well. An unplanned break in operations leads to money loss.

The only way to know how well the developer handles issues is by reading reviews. You can also request a demo and gauge how they communicate with you.

5. Demos and Training

Before making your final decision, check the demo. Contact the software provider to schedule a demonstration of their product. A product expert can guide you through its features. 

Don’t worry since it’s usually free. You can also look at the software's website to see if it has a demo video.

Demo videos are not as reliable, though. Most of these are useless past the flashy graphics, heavy editing, and vague promises. 

Try to see if other users have uploaded demos of the software product. Some providers also offer a free version with limited functionalities. If available, it should serve as a solid starting point.

Training Materials

The best auto glass software option for you helps you as much as possible with onboarding. Its customer support service should offer comprehensive training. Doing so ensures your staff members learn about the features.

Some providers also provide training materials, such as modules and webinars. They give in-depth views to help with your business, as well. 

Ease of Use

Regardless of all the training and support, nothing beats an easy-to-use product. The features should be intuitive, meaning you need not call the provider for every minor roadblock. Easy-to-use software can help your team become more productive.

Find the Best Auto Glass Software for You

No one software option works for every business. You have to consider your needs first, then look for features that meet those. Choosing the right auto glass software is challenging, but you need not look further.

Are you looking for auto glass software? If so, contact us today to discuss how we can help your business grow.

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