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This Is How to Get More Google Reviews

In a recent survey, 91% of consumers aged 18-34 said that they feel an online review is as valuable as a personal recommendation.

With customer reviews harboring so much value when it comes to a future customer's buying decision, businesses are scrambling to build up their google listing with positive reviews. However, this process isn't as simple as buying success.

Even if your business has mastered the customer experience cycle, you still won't be guaranteed those valuable google reviews without a little help.

Ready to discover how to get more google reviews to grow your business and maximize sales? Follow along to discover the tricks to getting more reviews and why your business needs online customer feedback to succeed.

The Importance of Reviews

When it comes down to it, a consumer is far more likely to trust a business that displays a plethora of satisfied customers. With an increase in hesitancy due to spammy ads and false sites, it is imperative to build a level of trust with your leads in order for them to become customers.

9 out of 10 consumers will look through your reviews before making a purchase. This essentially means that the more positive Google reviews you have, the more likely customers are to follow through with a purchase.

Beyond the increase in trust and sales, more reviews actually boost your relevancy for Google's algorithm and increase your rank. This means more people will be able to find your business when they search for products or services that you offer.

How to Get More Google Reviews

Before you launch into building your reviews, you'll need to ensure a few details are in place. First and foremost, you need to enable customer reviews by ensuring your business is listed as a place on Google.

You'll need to register for a Google My Business account and create your business listing through your profile. Don't forget to verify your ownership of the business in order to complete the listing and start building a review collection.

Familiarize yourself with Google's review policy and take note of the rules around soliciting reviews. Paying for your reviews will result in penalties and offering incentives for customer reviews is not considered 'good practice'. Instead, you'll need to ask for genuine reviews relaying a positive or negative experience with your company.

1. Explain the Process

If your customers don't know how or where to leave a review, they probably won't waste their time searching. Take the guesswork out of the operation by giving simple instructions to find your Google business listing and leave their feedback.

Do this with simple text, or even create an explainer video to walk customers through the process both on their desktop, and on a mobile device.

2. Create a Shortcut Link

Simplify the process by creating a shortcut link to send users right to your review page. You can then use this link to shorten the steps and encourage happy customers to write about it without all the hassle.

You can even customize your link and shorten it up for more convenient sharing.

3. Website Links

Embed a link to your google review page on your website. You can do this with a button, a separate page with featured google reviews, or even in your website footer.

This link will contribute to your site's SEO as well as generate more access points for your customers to follow.

4. Use a CTA

A great CTA or call to action on your social media posts, website, or in your blog encourages customers to follow a clear path you have set out for them. Your content should always end with a clear and compelling CTA and the link for your review is a great option.

5. Create Handouts

Compose a physical handout that you can give customers with your review instructions and your customized link. When customers have an experience with your business, make it a habit to give them the handout.

If this process feels awkward or forced consider attaching the handout to their receipt, or even printing it on the bottom of their invoice summary.

Reach out to your past customers by mailing out the handout with a thank you note for their business.

6. Launch an Email Campaign

Email marketing is an efficient and effective way to reach your customers. Take advantage of this platform by sending out a digital version of your handout by email.

Include the clickable links, and send them out after a service call has been completed, a quote has been offered, or products have been sold. You can even catch up with past customers this way, but be careful not to spam their inbox with endless requests.

7. Ask On Socials

Your customers are scrolling social media in search of entertainment, so why not give them something to do. Since they are already on their phone, it's a perfect opportunity to redirect them.

Post your instructional video or let customers know their feedback is important to you. Drop the link with your perfectly curated CTA and ensure that your instructions are mobile-friendly.

8. Ask in Person

Many businesses avoid this conversation because they feel awkward or uncomfortable, however, asking in person is one of the best avenues to ensure positive reviews.

To ease the discomfort, time your ask for opportunities that come naturally. If a customer has just given you a compliment, thank them for their feedback and ask if they would mind sharing their experience with others.

9. Automate Your Asks

Using a customer and sales management software enables you to use automated follow up with your customers and maintain positive relationships. Take advantage of these systems by incorporating your google review link into the follow-up message and ask your customers for their feedback effortlessly.

10. Respond to Reviews

Now that you've got reviews flowing in from your asking efforts, you'll need to take the time to acknowledge and respond to each review.

Address negative reviews with personalized customer service and make a public effort to resolve the issue or address their concerns. Thank customers for all of their input, whether positive or negative.

Build relationships through these conversations and show your future clients that you go the extra mile to ensure the best customer experience possible.

Land More Positive Google Reviews

From enabling reviews to drawing in more online feedback, use these tips and tricks to improve your online presence and encourage an increase in sales. Now that you know how to get more google reviews, you'll be reaping the benefits of a well-reviewed business in no time.

Ready to scale your business and maximize your systems? Get in touch with us today to discover how we can help you take your glass services business to the next level.