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How Lewis & Clark Landscaping Found Success with BidClips

We had the opportunity to chat with Mark Metzger of Lewis & Clark Landscaping in Missoula Montana about his business, and how he’s benefited from using the BidClips platform.  

Mark has been serving the community of Missoula MT for over a decade with services in sod installation, patio building, retaining walls, snow removal, and so much more. After already building a successful business, he’s found that BidClips has helped him with many of the tasks he just doesn’t have time for anymore. When talking with Mark about the positive effects he’s seen from using BidClips, we were able to boil it down to three main things: BidClips helps him get more leads, gives him what he needs for a good quote, and makes it easy to qualify his leads and choose the right jobs.

"Get Jobs. I don't have to go around looking for them."

-Mark Metzger

Capturing leads, creating jobs

BidClips has many different uses according to a business’s needs. It can be your primary method of communication with a customer, the all-in-one portal for gathering information like photos, videos, and measurements, a platform to receive payment for jobs, offer additional services, view sales reports, assign tasks to employees… The list goes on. But one of the most simple and most widely used benefits of BidClips is the lead capture widget; a pop-up journey template that integrates with your website, allowing you to showcase your top services, collect contact information, and receive service requests. More than just a lead capture form, it also gives you everything you need to follow up with the potential customer with a quote by prompting the customer to upload pictures, videos, measurements, and specs of their project.

This lead capture widget is one area where Lewis & Clark Landscaping has been getting value. When people looking for landscaping services in Missoula find Mark’s website, the BidClips widget prompts them to select their desired service, and follow the steps to send Mark their Service Request. Mark gets everything he needs to get a new job without ever having to answer a phone call or visit a job site.  

 Mark Metzger has been able to get more jobs, and hasn’t had to “go around looking for them” as much as he used to. As a lead capture form, BidClips makes it easy for the customer to request a quote for any job. 

"I don't have to physically drive to the job site and take measurements, it saves me a lot of time and money."

-Mark Metzger

Everything you need in one place

The second major benefit Lewis & Clark has noticed is the way BidClips enables them to collect accurate information. With the area measurement tool, the ability to upload photos and videos, and the customizable questions and details for the customer to fill out, Mark is able to see everything he needs to before ever accepting a job. “I don’t have to physically drive to the job site and take measurements, it saves me a lot of time and money.” 

Getting all the information up front helps with communication, and makes the customer feel like they’re being taken care of immediately. “It’s like ordering a movie off Netflix. Easy.” By taking out all the back-and-forth communication that would normally happen when trying to get a quote, Lewis & Clark Landscaping is ensuring that potential customers don't go somewhere else to find solutions to their landscaping needs.

"I instantly get to filter through all my jobs and secure a job over $100,000."

-Mark Metzger

A lead qualifier you can trust

Because BidClips lets customers send in all the relevant information regarding their project, Lewis & Clark is able to see exactly which jobs should have priority. “It’s all in one folder.” Before BidClips, Mark says he might have missed phone calls or emails, where potential big jobs could slip through the cracks. Or he would spend hours driving to customer’s houses to look at a job. “It was like a full time job for me, 40 hours a week or more.”  Now, he can easily look at every service request, compare them, and decide which jobs he wants to accept. Instead of driving to a customer’s house only to find out a job is only worth $200, he can filter through incoming requests to ensure he’s accepting the ones worth his time. “I instantly get to filter through all my jobs and secure a job over $100,000, where I would’ve missed it because I was looking at jobs between $500 and $5,000.” 


With BidClips, Mark Metzger has seen an increase in leads, has gained the ability to qualify those leads, and has saved time and money in the entire quoting process. BidClips has allowed him to grow aspects of his business that he used to spend hours a week on, so he can focus on the job at hand - giving his customers great landscaping services.

Interested in learning more about how BidClips is helping landscaping businesses? Set up a free demo of the platform here!

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