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Best Practices for Landscaping PPC (Pay-Per-Click Advertising)

Are you looking for a way to promote your landscaping or lawn maintenance business? When conventional methods such as door hangers, billboard signs, and radio commercials fail to generate enough new and high-quality leads, it's time to focus on digitalization.

Pay-per-click marketing may help you build your business the right way and increase the revenue from Google advertisements for landscaping firms. 

Here's an in-depth view of what pay-per-click marketing is, why it's so crucial, and how it may help you develop your brand.

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What exactly is pay-per-click marketing?

Pay-per-click advertisement, or PPC, is a method of advertising through Google Ads. PPC advertising is more expensive than organic lead creation but assures that you get relevant leads contacting your business, increasing your brand's exposure.

When running Google Ads, the amount you pay is determined by the number of clicks you receive. You begin by publishing an ad, and you are charged for each interaction whenever anyone taps the link to land on your website or another landing page.

One of the most significant advantages of PPC is targeting particular demographics. By tuning in crucial categories, you may pick who encounters your adverts. For example, suppose you're looking to extend your landscaping service into a nearby city; in that case, you may limit your advertising to only appearing to those who live in a specified region or within a particular radius of a specific area.

You may also target advertising based on several elements such as age, interest, language, gender, education, relationship status, and more. It can be entirely personalized according to your niche and the type of target audience you want to penetrate.

As a result, you could potentially develop a target market addressing nearby residents who have recently purchased a property and serve them a sponsored ad providing your yearly landscaping packages. Alternatively, you may place an advertisement aimed at business owners, highlighting your eye-catching landscape services that will require little to no maintenance. The options are limitless!

How to use Google campaigns to promote your landscaping company

Is it a good idea to use Google advertisements for lawn care businesses? Yes, particularly if you put in energy and time to manage the most solid PPC campaigns or pay professionals who are as knowledgeable about digital advertising as you are about landscaping.

Google Ads might be difficult to understand. Algorithmic settings and regulations are constantly evolving. However, the advantages cannot be overlooked. According to Google's statistics, 76% of consumers who use a cellphone to find a local company will contact that service provider within one day. Moreover, for every $1 spent on Google Ads, businesses typically earn $2 in income, effectively doubling their expenditure.

There are numerous ways of creating a Google Advertisement for a landscaping or lawn maintenance business, the first of which is selecting a campaign. Indeed, there are several types of Google ads - Search, shopping, video, and display are just a few options.

Most individuals begin their hunt for landscaping advertisements with online ads, which are generally text-based and appear alongside search engine results. Display advertising resembles banner ads on websites, whereas video ads appear on YouTube.

To begin, sign up for a Google Ads profile (if you still have not created one), then choose a strategy and a particular aim, such as increasing traffic to your website or revenue. Then you will have to do the following:

  • Create a target audience.
  • Set a budget for your ad campaign and start bidding.
  • Create ad groups (which are essentially keyword groupings such as "landscape design", "landscape solutions in texas", "premium lawn care services", and so on).
  • Make the adverts yourself.
  • Keep an eye on ad activities and statistics to identify which initiatives produce the highest return on investment (return on advertisement spend).
  • Repeat the most successful campaigns to get the highest ROI.


Techniques and suggestions 

It's advisable not to create separate Google Ads for every service you provide. One should be aware that pay-per-click searchers are restless and may not want to browse the article or conduct any analysis, and keeping this in mind is crucial when determining how consumers will buy.

We suggest placing advertising for services with a quick sales cycle, cheap booking fee, and an urgency to fulfill them, such as:

  • Remedies and solutions for lawn care
  • Maintenance on equipment of irrigation systems
  • Tree/shrub insects that are both acute and destructive
  • Pests of the structure and the environment
  • Storm damage/tree removal


Types of advertisements

There are several alternatives to consider when making your advertisements, but the most common one used by green sector experts is the services group advertisement. This form of the ad contains subjects or services that customers are currently seeking, and the individuals researching it are already making a choice. The expense of putting out this sort of advertising varies, but they are affordable, and if the searcher's intentions are excellent, they may eventually wind up landing on your webpage.

The competitor's ad is a similar type of advertisement to explore, which can be pricey but is well worth it. You may use this form of advertising to pinpoint your rival's brand names in a query, which implies yours will show up when someone searches for theirs.


Let professionals handle your customer information

Managing the entire process can be a hassle – if you are running ad campaigns, you are constantly collecting data, but if the data isn't being used, how will you gain value from the expense? 

This is where professional customer and sales management software providers come in; you should have the ability to follow up with leads that come to your website from advertising, and a great presentation of your services for them to choose from. BidClips collects the service requests from your website, allowing you to filter through and accept the ones worth your time. Plus, automated follow-ups ensure that you keep up with customers who might not be ready to make an immediate decision. Interested in learning more? Visit the BidClips website or schedule a free demo with our team to learn more!


Final thoughts

Google Ad campaigns are essential to grow your business and expand, but it is crucial to do it right. Always be sure to track the success of your campaigns so you know what works and what doesn't. We hope the guide above has given you enough information to delve into the world of online marketing.