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How Glass Doctor of Western Washington found Success with BidClips


I had the pleasure of sitting down with Mike Gai, owner of Glass Doctor Western Washington, where we talked about his journey with BidClips and Service Station, and how it has impacted his business for the better.

"The market and people are changing … it’s kind of Amazon world these days, they want fast response, more flexibility." - Mike Gai

A Changing Market

Prior to using BidClips, Mike and the team felt they had to always get their eyes on the job, which meant dispatching trucks and giving free estimates. While their operations remained unchanged, Mike and the team noticed the market was not: "The market and people are changing, … it’s kind of Amazon world these days, they want fast response, more flexibility." Recognizing this trend along with the growing shortage of labor helped Mike and the team get ahead of the curve and start thinking of solutions to meet the rising needs.

However, Mike found nothing to answer their needs nor "a lot of trade service people’s market [needs]." That is until he discovered BidClips. Upon first impressions Mike appreciated our experience working with many customers on the front end, "they had a unique expertise you might say." Having professionals from a service background allows BidClips to "not only train people and ISR[s] to get consistency and get professionalism" but also understand the workings of your business and the importance of delivering quality service responsively.

Goals and Impact

“It's changed our ability and our confidence level to do business."   - Mike Gai

Mike had two goals upon partnering with BidClips, 1) getting adoption within the organization and 2) becoming more efficient. Fostering organizational buy-in may not always be easy. As Mike was not on site, "it wasn't as effective as it could have been because of our execution and our commitment." After recommitting and hearing from peers on the BidClips platform the team began to see the added value: "some of our peers, like Atlanta, have shown us it's a better way. …knowing we do business just like them and seeing them have incredible success, and talking with them and exposing them to our team kind of made believers of our team how important it is that we adopt this and work through whatever changes or uncomfortableness they have just because it's different." With successful adoption companywide the team could start leveraging the tools and focus on becoming more efficient.

"There’s a number of customers that thought the process was cool." - Mike Gai

The BidClips platform enables your team to collaborate, customize, and manage service requests / bids (quotes) all in one spot. This saves you the time and effort in logistics and processes that may have otherwise been spent tracking down that long-forgotten service request. Team members can search, message, and assign one another tasks, while delivering bids and information to your customer at the convenience of a click; empowering your team to get more done with less effort. Customers appreciate innovative and easy-to-use technology too, "there’s a number of customers that thought the process was cool," said Mike. By investing in your customer experience you will create more loyalty and new leads as consumers recognize the added benefits and capabilities. But the efficiencies don’t stop with inherent ones.

To track your improvements BidClips provides a dashboard reporting your key performance indicators in real-time. One metric, revenue per technician hour, saw an increase from about $130 an hour to $150 an hour for Glass Doctor of Western Washington. Such a jump is just one indicator of the improved productivity associated with using BidClips, as the team has seen a 59% closing ratio YTD. Mike added, "the flexibility in the pricing and the efficiency of communications… are real valuable to us… It’s changed our ability and our confidence level to do business."

Service Station

"It's a way of doing business that answers a lot of things in the market today, including a shortage of labor." - Mike Gai

There comes a time though when the work can overwhelm a team despite any operational efficiencies. That's why BidClips is there to have your back with Service Station, our innovative customer call center to address all of your customer's needs. With Service Station, our professionals are experts in understanding your business, from glass to handyman services, so your customers will feel like they are speaking right with the shop as we take them through the buying journey. "We would not have gotten through an extremely busy, busy year with our staffing and had the success we had without both BidClips and Service Station being such a tied-in part of our business." Having the extra know-how will help overcome any difficulties you may face and is invaluable to growing your business. "It's a way of doing business that answers a lot of things in the market today, including a shortage of labor," said Mike. With an average response of just over a minute, 74 seconds to be exact, you can find comfort in knowing your customers will receive great service all the while it is tracked in your central repository, the BidClips platform.

Special thanks to Mike for taking the time to meet and chat. We take great pride in the Western Washington Team successfully adapting to the changing landscape with our tools. As for BidClips, it is important for us to remain agile and receptive to your needs as a business, so you stay ahead of the curve. Mike touched on the last point as we wrapped up. "I think the product gets better and better ... various types of usage are happening and you can see the impact of that with them listening to the customers and continuing to enhance the product." As the market and customer's needs evolve the Glass Doctor Team plans to lean in on Bidclips and Service Station to continue to maximize output and deliver the best product.

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