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BidClips & Service Station

An innovative sales software platform combined with highly trained glass industry pros? The combination of BidClips and Service Station is bringing glass shops everywhere to the next level by providing shops with a team that excels at making sales for your business, and uses cutting edge technology to ensure accuracy and efficiency.

With Service Station, you have a team at the ready for every customer who contacts your shop. Service Station team members are specifically trained to handle glass sales, making them experts on the products and services sold by glass shops everywhere. The in-depth knowledge of glass and glazing, combined with a commitment to learn all the ins and outs of the specific glass shops they work with, make Service Station the go-to live call answering services for businesses in the glass industry.

Using BidClips, Service Station team members can have customers upload pictures and videos of their project, input measurements, check boxes, and answer prompts to ensure they get all the details. All of this information can be put into customizable templates for the ability to send great looking quotes in record time. Along with all of this is BidClips’ automated follow-up feature, which will continue to send custom text and email follow-ups to customers to increase the chances of closing a deal. Glass shops are finding a huge jump in their closing ratios as they combine these two powerful tools. 

That’s just brushing the surface. Service Station professionals provide an edge to shops by upgrading the entire customer experience. Customers who call in and are connected to Service Station members are rewarded with quick, friendly, and professional service, and are immediately followed up with by getting bids that they can accept at the push of a button. 

For many shops, BidClips is a follow-up tool or a quote building platform, but BidClips is also a fully functional CRM. BidClips allows shops to keep track of customers, their orders, total sales, communication, closing ratios, and more. Glass shop owners can watch their numbers go up as a dedicated Service Station team handles calls and makes sales.

Bidclips also allows customers to easily pay deposits online. When the bid is sent, the customer is in complete control to make a payment at whatever time is convenient. This is incredibly relevant as research shows that 23% of customers who book online do so after hours or on a weekend. When the customer is in control of when to pay, they can make the decision over dinner with their spouse, or during the weekend while working on home projects. 

The combination of next-level, glass industry specific professionals in Service Station, and the best software for glass on the market with BidClips, can give any shop the opportunity to set themselves apart from the competition. 

Interested in what the combination of Service Station and BidClips could do for your shop? Let's chat!

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