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BidClips Launches the New Starter Plan


Have you been looking for a good opportunity to try out a software for your service business, but have always felt too busy? BidClips just launched a new Starter Plan that is designed for smaller businesses who want to capture more high quality leads on their website and improve their customer experience without the lengthy setup time.

The Starter Plan offers messaging tools, a lead capture pop-up for your website, service request creation options, and more – all in one place. The Starter plan also comes with a free 14-day trial, a 30 minute set-up meeting, and all the knowledge and support needed to get it up and running quickly.

So what comes with Starter?

BidClips Starter is designed to give you a simple and effective way to capture more high-quality leads and improve your customer experience by guiding customers through the service request creation process. You get full control over building the Journey Templates, where you have options to guide customers to upload photos, videos, and answers to prompts about their project on your website. 

The Starter plan provides a lead capture pop-up tool for your website, which smoothly guides customers through your business’ top services, and leads them to input everything you need to build them an estimate . 

Here’s a preview  of the features that come with Starter.*   

  • Website pop-up tool
  • Journey templates
  • Service request creation
  • Messaging/live chat
  • Picture/video upload
  • Tasks & Team Notes

*For a comprehensive list of features, visit our Pricing Page.

Converting leads from your website

Our pop-up tool is the perfect solution to simultaneously capturing more leads and simplifying the customer experience. Showcase your business' top services, and guide customers through submitting their request with picture/video uploads, customizable prompts, and more.  

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Better Customer Engagement

With instant messaging and live chat features, engage with your customers through every step of the project. Stay informed with what they're looking for, and show them your commitment to great customer service. All messaging is contained in one place, so nothing will slip through the cracks when it comes to communication.

Employee communication

The tasks and team notes features in BidClips Starter give your team visibility in every project. Assign specific follow-up tasks (ex: "@johnsmith - call this customer back today"), communicate within each project, and know exactly which tasks are being taken care of at all times. 



 BidClips Starter

Ready to grow leads and improve customer experience? Start your 14-day free trial of BidClips starter today to see how it can grow your business!