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7 Interesting Statistics from the Pest Control Industry in 2022

Pests are a big problem in housing units across the country, where pest control statistics and pest control facts show more than 14 million people reported seeing pests! Pest control makes a home healthier and prevents structural damage. Also, when do you want guests in your home to see a rodent running across the floor?

Pest control industry statistics include industry growth and the use of technology. In addition, the residential market continues to expand.

Here are seven pest control statistics from the pest control industry.

  1. Industry growth
  2. Use of technology
  3. Residential pest control market
  4. Weather conditions
  5. Distribution
  6. Recession proof
  7. Social media

1. Industry Growth

The overall pest control market will grow by more than $12 billion, according to 2022 statistics. North America will dominate the overall growth, according to many pest control facts.

The population continues to grow. And as more people move to urban areas, there will be opportunities for those in the residential pest control and commercial pest control business.

More people are also traveling. With people on the move, pests can easily move from one location to another.

Earth-friendly consumers are also driving the pest control market with environmentally-friendly products. People want chemicals that won't harm Mother Earth.

2. Use of Technology

Technology is a big part of pest control. Thermal imaging cameras and electronic monitoring are two significant areas where professionals use tech.

Technology is also improving the trapping of pests and types of chemicals.

Some companies are using artificial intelligence, which is an effective and inexpensive way to rid a home or business of pests. Technology can recommend treatment and even the types of chemicals used.

Moreover, advancements in bookkeeping mean a better analysis of budgets and social media. You can quickly identify what's working (and what's not) to improve your pest control business strategy.

Computer programs are also making things such as scheduling much more accessible. Workers can respond to complaints and issues quickly. Customers can also send smartphone pictures to a pest control company, making it easier to identify what's invading their homes.

3. Residential Pest Control Market

2022 statistics show that the number of those continuing to work from home, thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic, is increasing. People are more often to see pests in their homes because they are spending more time at home!

Because of a labor shortage, collecting trash is also challenging in some cities. The longer trash sits in the streets, the more pests. Neighborhoods can soon become infested with bugs and rodents.

More Americans are also investing more money in shrubs and flowers on their property. Natural growth attracts more pests! Homeowners will quickly call a pest control company once they see pest attacking their landscaping.

4. Weather Conditions

Changing weather conditions are a factor thanks to a changing climate. Wetter and warmer climates are inviting to pests. New weather patterns and constant temperature changes also mean there will be new conditions creating new habitats for pests. More extensive and more damaging hurricanes also mean longer clean-up times.

A changing climate also changes the habits of animals. Many animals feed on pests! These changes can affect how and when animals eat and what they eat in their daily diet.

As the Earth's temperature rises, pests become more active. A higher metabolism means they also will reproduce at higher rates.

5. Distribution

A handful of companies contribute to the pest control industry. These companies have a good handle on getting their products from factories to distribution points. However, supply chain issues have affected just about every piece of the economy.

Covid-19 lockdowns continue to plague the manufacturing industry. A lack of workers means delays in making products and shipping.

Moreover, a shutdown could occur if pests infect a manufacturing or distribution facility. This makes pest control companies even more critical to getting operations up and running. Businesses will want to safeguard against any infestation.

6. Recession Proof

Many economists believe 2023 will bring a recession. High inflation, gas prices, and supply chain issues could mean a recession will harm the economy.

However, pest control is one of those business models that can withstand a recession. Businesses such as pest control can provide stable customer service, regardless of economic conditions.

One of the things that makes pest control recession-proof is that people want a safe home. Homeowners will spend what it takes to rid their homes of bugs, pests, and rodents. People will cut other things from their households to ward off bugs in their homes.

Businesses are in the same boat. A business owner wants to avoid pests and rodents from infesting their space. The last thing you need is a customer to find your store or business full of bugs.

7. Social Media

Statistics show almost 80 percent of Americans use at least one form of social media. It's also growing as a way to share news and information.

Social media continues to be a valuable piece of marketing for the pest control industry. Businesses can send out information about how their product or service works. You can also show how quickly you can fix a pest infestation.

Moreover, you can put out testimonials about how well your pest control business works. Use interviews with business owners or customers.

Businesses can also use social media posts for email marketing, newsletters, and other public relations efforts. Repurposing content for your pest control business allows for a wider audience.

7 Interesting Statistics from the Pest Control Industry

Seven exciting statistics from the pest control industry include overall industry growth, use of technology, and residential market growth. Other stats in the pest control industry include weather, distribution, climate, and how it's recession-proof. Social media stats also show its influence on marketing and communication.

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