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5 Customer Service Tips for Handyman Businesses

What separates your favorite local restaurant from every other restaurant you visit? Sure, it has incredible food but it also has the best customer service. Regardless of the industry, customer service is what distinguishes a good experience from a great one.

If you own a small business you've probably already discovered how customer service can make or break your success. But it's never too late to make positive changes towards better customer relations.

How? Read below for 5 handyman tips on how to improve your customer service!

  1. Offer fair prices
  2. Go the extra mile
  3. Engage customers online
  4. Network with other businesses
  5. Broaden your skills

1. Offer Fair Prices

How much are you planning to charge your customers for your services? Are you going to charge by the job or by the hour? These are the questions you should answer as you're trying to improve client services.

Potential clients have the ability to compare prices between companies online. And you better believe they're going to do their research to get the best price. So, your prices need to be competitive while still allowing you to make money. Here are a few tips for deciding how to set your prices.

First, think about how much time the job will take in its entirety. Consider travel time and clean-up time in your estimate. Even if you charge by the project and not by the hour, you can use the total number of hours to estimate the total cost.

Second, what supplies and tools will you need? Factoring in raw materials can help you get a more accurate estimate for your customer. Next, factor in the cost of your license(s) and taxes. Running your business includes fees, so those costs have to be covered by your projects too.

Finally, when you give a client a price, do everything you can to stick to it. Client relations depend on honesty and transparency. If they feel they can trust you, you may just have a repeat customer.

Not sure how to manage client communications and estimates? Consider all-in-one handyman service software.

2. Go the Extra Mile

Whether it's client service or product service you can separate yourself from the competition by going the extra mile for your customers. You want to exceed the client's expectations at every step of the process.

Leaving a worksite cleaner than when you arrived is a great way to impress customers. Being courteous of the client's schedule is another way you can demonstrate commitment to great customer service. And if the client has special requests, consider accommodating them if it fits within the estimated quote. 

Even an upset customer presents a great opportunity to go the extra mile if you handle it correctly. Customers always appreciate it when business owners themselves take the time to reach out about any issues, questions, or concerns regarding their home improvements. 

Often, a poor situation that has been handled correctly can result in a very happy customer, leading to great reviews and better visibility in search engines. 

3. Engage Customers Online

If you have any sort of marketing strategy, you'll know that your handyman business needs an engaging website. Clients are no longer searching the yellow pages for a handyman in their area - they're using google! So it's important to make their online experience a positive one.

How do you do this? Create a website using one of the many easy-to-use website-building platforms. Make sure to list all of your services along with appropriate pictures or graphics. Make sure that potential customers can easily find your contact information or can contact you directly using the website. You should also have a clear way to collect customer information to ensure you're always getting quality leads. This can be as simple as an email sign-up form, or a tool like BidClips to generate leads

Once you're feeling more comfortable with the website you can start adding customer reviews or even start a blog. Features like these will help you build a brand and distinguish yourself from competing businesses. 

Another way to use the internet to your advantage is to create social media profiles. This way, you can interact directly with your customers and keep them informed about any incentives or new services you're offering.

Even if some of the feedback you get online is negative, you can still use it to your advantage. You can try to make amends with dissatisfied customers and learn where your business needs to improve in the customer support department. 

If you're feeling overwhelmed by the digital side of the business, consider hiring a digital marketing team. You can also use sales management software to bring your business into the modern era with automated leads and digital invoicing. 

4. Network With Other Businesses

Consumers still rely on recommendations when choosing a handyman. For example, a customer might ask their lawn care company if they know a good handyman or general contractor to fix their garden shed. So, if you network with other businesses, like lawn care services, you can get more handyman job leads organically.

One of the most beneficial relationships you can have as a handyman is with real estate agents. Individuals and families looking to sell their house often have a few items they need to "fix up" before an open house. Similarly, people moving into a fixer-upper house might be looking for a handyman to help them with some of the technical projects. 

Think about other businesses that complement handyman services. How can you reach out to them and offer a mutually beneficial relationship? Try joining local business groups or connecting with companies online.

5. Broaden Your Skills 

As a handyman, you could be called on for all kinds of different jobs. And the last thing you want to do is turn away business because you don't have the right skillset. Consider additional training in services you don't currently provide. Then, advertise them to new and existing customers to get more experience. 

When you have a broad range of skills, your clients can start hiring you for all-inclusive projects. Not only can you build the cabinet but you can also install the disposal underneath it! Making big projects more convenient will help you grow your business and keep clients happy.

It Begins and Ends With Customer Service

The tips above can help you improve your customer service and succeed as a handyman. Get creative with your website and use digital marketing to increase leads and broaden your customer base.

Most of all, deliver consistent, high-quality service to all your customers. Making them feel valued and getting the job done right ensures they will hire you again and recommend you to their friends.

And if you're ready to take your handyman business to the next level, book a demo to see how new software can make things a lot easier.