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5 Common SEO Mistakes to Avoid for Handyman Businesses

Are you interested in directing more people to your site via search engine optimization? Do you wonder if it's something that you're doing that's causing the lack of success? If so, then you should learn about the SEO mistakes you should try to avoid.

Doing so can help you learn about digital marketing as a whole. Believe it or not, there are some SEO mistakes so costly that they can prevent you from ever receiving a new website visitor.

Be sure to read below for more information on the SEO mistakes you should avoid for your Handyman business. Take them all into consideration.

  1. Not having proper software
  2. Using black hat SEO tactics
  3. Not having a mobile-friendly website
  4. Not performing keyword research
  5. Not discovering your audience

1. Not Having Proper Software

The road to having a successful handyman business was never intended for you to do it all yourself. How could you? You have clients to reach out to, jobs to work on, materials to gather, budgets to meet, and so on.

As important as search engine optimization is to your company's exposure, it's even more important to convert your SEO leads to loyal customers. For that reason, it's important to supply yourself with a handyman business software.

This can help you learn all that you can about how to take all your passive leads from SEO and build relationships with them.

BidClips is meant to help you with your sales conversions. You can optimize the method for reaching out to your prospects and guiding them along the customer lifecycle the right way.

2. Using Black Hat SEO Tactics

Whether you realized it or not, there are two different forms of SEO tactics: white hat and black hat tactics.

The term "white hat" refers to all SEO tactics that are considered clean and comply with a search engine's guidelines, such as Google's algorithm.

White hat SEO methods include things like using high-quality content, managing keyword usage, making your website mobile-friendly, and so on.

As you might expect, "black hat" SEO tactics are exactly the opposite. They're ways of climbing the search engine rankings in ways that go against the search engine's guidelines.

Some examples of black hat SEO tactics are keyword stuffing, using link schemes, using negative SEO, or using content automation to try and get a leg up.

Attempting to cut corners by using black hat SEO tactics will land you in a world of hurt. Search engines will shove you way down to the bottom of their search results, a place where no one will ever find you.

3. Not Having a Mobile-Friendly Website

Did you know that more people are using their smartphones to visit the internet more than any other device? Even more than a desktop!

For those of you unfamiliar with the term, a mobile-friendly website is one that can adapt to the format of a smartphone's screen. It attempts to make all the site's features easy to navigate and click on for a phone user.

A majority of your customers will look up "glass and glazing companies near me" and check out the sites of the companies that Google directs them to.

If your website isn't mobile-friendly, there is a good chance that the site user will hit the "back" button and never return to your website again. Don't let that become a recurring theme for your site!

For those of you that use drag and drop site builders such as WordPress or Squarespace, your site will automatically be mobile-friendly. However, if you choose to hire a website designer, make sure they prioritize it in the layout they create.

To test it out, simply visit your website on your mobile phone. If the format adjusts to the size of your screen, then you're good to go. If not, then be sure to fix that issue right away.

4. Not Performing Keyword Research

If your website's SEO were a tree, the keywords would be its roots. Keywords play a vital role in the success of your SEO marketing plan.

For that reason, you need to refine your approach. You need to research different keywords the right way. Don't just look for the keywords with the highest search volume, as those have already been locked up by industry leaders.

Instead, look for keywords that have a search volume over 100 and a keyword density of less than 30.

That way, you're using keywords that are being searched often enough to make it worth your effort, but that few websites have attempted to rank for. This will allow you a better chance to climb atop the top search results for that keyword.

5. Not Discovering Your Audience

Unfortunately, your target audience isn't as general as "anyone who needs a Handyman service". If that's the market you try to appeal to, then your SEO tactics will be unrefined and unfocused. They won't yield many results (if any).

Instead, take the time to create some buyer personas. These are imaginative customers that you create to define who you're marketing to.

For example, you might create a buyer persona named "Dan". Dan is a father of four, a devout husband, and committed to climbing the ranks at his job. As such, he doesn't have the time (or knowledge) to make common household repairs.

Because of that, he's looking for an expert Handyman service. Someone who can guarantee top-quality customer service and effective repairs to protect his family.

Avoid These SEO Mistakes at All Costs

Now that you have seen several SEO mistakes that you should avoid when building your digital marketing strategy, be sure to use them to your advantage.

Be sure to read this article for more information on how to manage a remote sales team and capitalize on the clientele that you have.

For more inquiries, please begin by requesting a demo and we will be happy to assist you further!