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How The Shower Door Place Creates an Amazing Customer Experience

I sat down with Peter Redin, owner and operator of The Shower Door Place, to discuss his journey and experience with BidClips. The Shower Door Place is a small family-owned business based out of Minnesota. “As the name implies, we just do shower doors. We differ from the majority of our competitors in that they do any glass which comes their way.” Thus, they set out to be the best in their market at customizing and installing heavy glass frameless shower doors. But they did not stop at providing the highest quality product, they sought to provide the highest quality service as well.

“With BidClips it's allowed us to communicate better; we can look up things like whether the payment was received or order was processed [and] this has allowed us more visibility company-wide,” - Peter Redin

Evolving Communications and Service

In the past, The Shower Door Place worked with a company that didn’t provide the level of customer information and insight the team needed to track their quotes and services end-to-end. With two showrooms and many employees in the field, there were some communication problems. Various quotes sent out created a disconnect; while one party may know what’s going on, the other party doesn’t unless there was a deliberate attempt to communicate that information. “As it is, we get busy and our systems aren’t designed perfectly to communicate [that information] and things fall through the cracks.” This left Peter and the team feeling occasionally exposed when a customer called to find out a status and no one knew nor did they have the information.

When it came to solutions, organizational fit was important for The Shower Door Place. As mentioned, they did work with another company, however as Peter describes “they did not have the same robustness of the software and features that have really helped us streamline our bid process.” The fact BidClips works with glass industry leaders and was founded by former glass / service industry insiders made a big difference to Peter and the team: “you understand the business inherently.” This allowed The Shower Door Place to focus on creating and installing the highest quality shower doors while communicating and addressing the customers' needs via BidClips in a timely manner.

Customers can live chat via your website and inbound email / text messages are automatically captured in the last active service request for that customer. Providers can then access all the relevant information right there and reply. If the team is away, automated follow-ups have you covered. “With BidClips it's allowed us to communicate better; we can look up things like whether the payment was received or order was processed [and] this has allowed us more visibility company-wide,” said Peter.

Bids, Leads, and Impact

The BidClips platform is equipped with all the modern tools you need to make your company a success. As customers request quotes, book services, and make payments according to a system that works for you, BidClips creates a comprehensive yet effortless customer experience. Such an experience has resulted in positive customer feedback on the professionalism of The Shower Door Place. "We have always been a dialed-in company but this has helped us be even better at what we do."

The ease use of use applies to providers as well. When asking Peter what his favorite part of the platform is he replied, "the ease of creating bids. We can pull up pre-entered information [such as] photographs and text that enhance the customer experience." Such ease on both the provider and customer side is the first step to improving your growth and actualizing leads into sales.

"They just click on accept bid and they give a payment, that's pretty rare in the past and it's common now," - Peter Redin

The ease of use has not only generated positive feedback but has also impacted sales, particularly the closure of sales. "Just on Saturday I had two customers come into our store to talk about projects. After they had left the showroom I sent them both the BidClips bid and they have already made deposits on jobs that haven't been measured." Peter said. Even with measurements scheduled later in the week clients choose to make payments ahead of time with quick and easy invoicing.

This is shown across industries as 75% of customers make down-payments online using BidClips. Even further, 12% of customers make full payments online. "The fact they are already committed shows we close deals more quickly," said Peter. "They just click on accept bid and they give a payment, that's pretty rare in the past and it's common now"

By quickly turning leads into sales The Shower Door Place team is able to focus on new leads and potential revenue. Peter Continued by saying "That[closing sales more quickly] leaves us more time to follow up on more leads. My Sales guys already know they're a buyer, we just have to close up the other details. This makes it easier to focus on other customers who haven't followed through."

But when your sales team is busy or unavailable (23% of customer's who book online do so after hours or on the weekend) BidClips has you covered with our automated follow-ups. Sent on a rolling basis, our follow-ups have proven effective with closing ratios increasing up to 25%.

Devoted Support

To wrap up our discussion I asked Peter if he had any more comments and or feedback for BidClips. This is what he had to say, "What really impressed me with your company itself was the enthusiastic support I got from everybody. That's something really important to me as a business owner. There was a learning curve naturally and we could've probably figured it out on our own, but the fact that Bill and several others including Glass Doctor Atlanta were willing to come onto a call with us and answer any questions we had and offer encouragement. That is something that really was impressive. I have not come across a lot of companies like yours that are that devoted to making sure we are happy with the product and service... you are continuously supporting and helping us." The BidClips Team takes great pride in ensuring the highest quality support in order to grow your business and impress your customers. We will remain devoted to your goals and receptive to your needs every step of the way.

Thanks again to Peter Redin for taking the time to meet with me and discuss his experience with BidClips. Still only six months into our continued partnership, The Shower Door Place hopes to see more long-term growth as they further leverage BidClips to close sales, manage tasks, gain insights, and ultimately provide the best customer experience. 

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