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How Mosquito Joe of Metro East Illinois Builds More Accurate Quotes

For many businesses in the home services industry, the cost of giving a quote is often overlooked or seen as a necessary price to pay for winning a job. For JP Newcomer, Franchise Owner of Mosquito Joe of Metro East Illinois, the quoting process has become an opportunity to include the customer in the sales process. We had the chance to talk with JP about Mosquito Joe, BidClips, and his process of integrating our technology into his business. 

“The service request form… Has made it better not only for the consumer to be able to put in what they want, but also helps us on a quoting perspective, so we can see the property from pictures and videos they provide, and the other information they provide as well. So it helps us provide a more accurate quote.”

- JP Newcomer


Reaching a New Customer Base

The Home Services Industry, like the rest of the world, is changing. Customers are doing more online, and more often than not people prefer booking a service without picking up the phone. “Having BidClips has enabled a much more direct interaction via text messaging, and has increased our conversion rate this year in sales” (JP Newcomer).

Mosquito Joe of Metro East Illinois has been finding a better, more modern way of communicating that is increasing their closing rates by a substantial amount. BidClips allows communication to happen entirely through the Service Request Portal, giving customers direct access to your team. With less barriers between customer and sales team, winning jobs has become much easier.

As people move online for more of their research and buying decisions, the importance of making the entire purchasing decision simple has grown. BidClips lets your customers fill out their service request directly from the widget on your website, view and accept bids, and pay at their convenience. 

In a world where people want things quick and easy, removing these steps is crucial. With BidClips, everything is kept in one place. "I like the capability to communicate through the service request, you don't have to jump out of the system and back in the system." 

The ease of communication is a feature that benefits company and customer alike, and streamlines the information gathering process to make for quicker - and more accurate - quoting.


More Accuracy, Less Confusion

The BidClips platform isn't just appealing to a new customer base that prefers text over phone calls; it's also eliminating confusion in the quoting process.

JP talked about the issues present when trying to give a quote over the phone, without having been to the property to see the job. "Well it could be $89 or it could be $79, we'll have to get out there and see what it looks like the first time, and then we’ll adjust [the customer's] price and communicate with [the customer] then."

Having BidClips has allowed JP and his team to get pictures and videos of jobs, so they can send out accurate quotes the first time. BidClips even integrates with Google Maps to provide an Area Measurement Tool, where customers can give the exact dimensions of any job. "We can see the property through pictures and videos they provide and the other information they provide as well, and it helps us provide a more accurate quote." 

Involving the customer in the quoting process allows for happier, smoother transactions all around. By giving them the ability to show exactly what they need done in a service request, BidClips takes the guesswork out of giving a quote. Customers can be confident in knowing the shop has all the necessary information, meaning better communication for everyone.  

JP pointed to improved communication and accurate quoting as "the two pieces that have brought us forward using BidClips this year." When asked how it compared to doing business before BidClips, his answer of the old way was summed up as "kind of an archaic way of doing it."


A Support Model to be Proud Of

It's not only communication and quoting that has Mosquito Joe's of Metro East Illinois seeing success. BidClips also prides itself on having an incredibly responsive and helpful support model.

JP mentioned the help he receives when they have a problem or are looking for something new, and explains that he often thinks "there are innovative methods going on in the background as they listen and learn how we do things different than other Neighborly vendors that may use BidClips." 

The incorporation of BidClips into multiple companies and industries has proven it to be a versatile software with multiple applications. With a support team that's ready to answer questions and take feedback, it's only going to keep getting better.

"A very responsive support model, to help us when we have a problem or want a new feature."

- JP Newcomer


A Software for Any Industry

When asked at the end of the discussion whether or not he would recommend BidClips to others, this is what JP had to say: "Yeah, I think this would work. Obviously this works in the Service Industry for various vendors, vendors that I’ve been told about before I even started." JP said his goals at the beginning of using BidClips were to "prove it out," to see if it would work. Now, he's saying it's a tool that everybody needs.

With customizable bids and journey templates, great communication tools, and a responsive support model, BidClips is already taking the lead in multiple industries in home services - and the best part is that there is much more to come.

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