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What Needs To Be On Your Handyman Website

Handyman services and home renovation are critical in the transformation of a property. Being in the home service industry, as a handyman who can improve the whole feel and appearance of a home, you need to reach out to your clients online. To do so, you need to make sure you have a contemporary website showcasing your past projects and service offerings. 

Creating a handyman website makes complete sense nowadays, with everybody spending a substantial amount of time on the web. 

This article will list some must-haves for your website to attract the right audience and elevate your business to new heights. We will cover things from the services you must offer, the importance of having a great call-to-action, customer testimonials, and more! 

Read ahead, as this will prove to be the perfect guide for your handyman business.

Here are some of the crucial things to have on your handyman website:

List of Services

All your current and future consumers must be aware of the availability of the services you provide. Therefore, make a distinct area on your website that exclusively showcases your offerings. Whatever your specific specialization is - whether it's refurbishing interiors, bathrooms, or exteriors - it will benefit your business if you create a distinct section listing all of the services you provide.

A well-written webpage is more vital than a flashy one. The website needs all of the handyman products or services you offer, along with adequate explanations for each of them. This makes it simple to establish appropriate assumptions when visiting a customer for the very first time. In addition, it informs individuals about the activities you could and couldn't do. Nevertheless, be cautious not to upsell yourself and add services you believe you could offer but may lack the finances or technical skills to deliver.

Residential or Commercial Services

Your handyman website should also reflect the type of clients you cater to, i.e., residential or commercial. These two may necessitate separate permits and insurance benefits based on where you're from. Your prospective customers will also want to learn if you are suitable for the role. Handyman websites must state if they serve solely residential or commercial customers or both. It is required since the supplies and cost for renovation services vary based on the type of job.

For example, if your team is fit for commercial projects, but the website does not reflect the permissions and legal bases you have covered, any customer will be ambiguous regarding your competence. This is one significant concern you must address immediately. If you can't convince visitors you are ideal for the role, you will struggle to attain customers. Therefore, make your website as informative as possible and add all your accolades.

Customer Testimonials

You could brag about just how great you are, but the prospective clients will most likely take your words with a pinch of salt. Obtaining testimonies from prior customers is the most nuanced approach to demonstrating your prospects' expertise.

Obtain feedback from past clients and post it on your handyman website. This is the most effective promotion you can obtain for your company. Including recommendations on your handyman website strengthens the sense of confidence. For instance, shoppers will not consider purchasing an item in online stores if there are no ratings. A review or testimonial from a satisfied client is an excellent method for others to evaluate your offerings.

Each testimonial should be concise enough to maintain the client's interest while providing all the material they want. You may add reviews to your website as a distinct area or just below every offering. It is entirely up to you to make your decision.

Social Media Platforms

Integrate the social media platforms to your handyman website to create a unified digital presence. Individuals in your community can be routed to your webpage if they have questions, want to see your previous work, or want to reach you personally. On the other hand, visitors to your website may join your social media network by clicking on the social networking icons on your website.

By including social media icons on your website, you can keep it updated. When you change your social media pages, the same adjustments are reflected on your site. It's an excellent way to keep your material fresh frequently.

Social media networks are among the most effective brand exposure and marketing outlets. Nearly every social media outlet is now connected with enterprise solutions to provide businesses with valuable data.

You may use social media's reach and power to promote your handyman company to individuals who need it. You may also customize each platform's structure to ensure that your postings obtain strong engagement.

Powerful Call to Action

Finally, and maybe most importantly, a solid call to action. The website should be designed to generate high-quality conversions and leads. After viewing your content, make absolutely sure your customer understands where to go next—with a compelling call to action, urge them to approach you. 

Give them persuasive arguments why your solutions are precisely what they require. A call-to-action must be both attractive and genuine. You want to seem enthusiastic but not overly so. Allow your website visitors to contact you after seeing your site.

A call-to-action should be precise, simple, and worded in the present tense. The tone should also be convincing enough to persuade people to use your services. A call-to-action can help you close the deal with prospective customers, so ensure you include one.

BidClips is a great tool to use if you are looking to upgrade the call to action on your website. BidClips allows your customer to upload videos, pictures, and specific instructions so that you have everything you need to give them a quote even before you visit their site/location. Here is where you can request a demo.

Final Thoughts

To provide customers with an all-inclusive and informative website, certain aspects must be aligned while creating it. If you can incorporate all of the elements listed above, you will undoubtedly attract the correct audience and see your business grow. Furthermore, BidClips is an excellent solution to collaborate with, as they will assist you in encouraging customers and gathering all their information in one place.