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A Guide to the Best Handyman Business Software

Orders for handyman services are pouring in, and you envision more revenue pouring into your coffers. There's just one problem: The many hats you're wearing as a handyman are beginning to cloud your vision.

Research shows that the online home service sector in the United States is valued at $600 billion as many homeowners turn to on-demand handyman and other services.

The great news is that you can manage your handyman business more efficiently with the right handyman business software. Here's a rundown on the top handyman company software options in 2023.

Let's jump in!


Breezeworks is one of today's most in-demand handyman business software options because it can handle a variety of tasks on your behalf.

With this software, you can handle estimating and job scheduling. You can also set up an automatic text reminder for a customer to let them know they have an appointment coming up.

Breezeworks will also track your previous handyman jobs and information about each customer. The software will even send you an alert when it is time for you to leave a customer's home.

An added benefit of Breezeworks software is that it is relatively affordable. You can also use this software whether you run a business with multiple field technicians or you operate your business solo.


ServiceCEO is another popular handyman software option for handymen seeking a comprehensive solution.

This particular software handles numerous business activities quickly. As a result, you can focus on doing what you do best: delivering handyman services that exceed your customers' expectations.

With this software, you won't have to worry about dealing with cumbersome paperwork. Instead, you can handle the following tasks directly through the software:

The ServiceCEO software option also stands out in that it is web based. That means you can use it wherever you go and no matter where your business is located. The software also offers extreme customization. In addition, it is resource rich and simple to learn due to its easy interface.

Field Promax

This software solution is yet another widely embraced handyman business software option due to its versatility. For instance, you can use it to manage several aspects of your business, including payments and scheduling.

This software also makes it easy to manage your tech team. In addition, you can communicate with customers.

The software also aids in handling work orders online. For instance, you can schedule and dispatch handyman work orders. You can also auto-generate a work order for a recurring job.

Converting a service request to a work order is another capability that Field Promax offers.

All in all, this software solution can be a helpful option for standardizing your workflow.

This software also stands out because it uses a convenient cloud dashboard. This dashboard can be accessed from anywhere. You can also access it from virtually any device.

This means your field techs can see pending jobs when they use the software. They can also update their job progress in real time. This will help you to stay apprised of the latest job developments in the field.

This software can additionally help to ensure that you make payments to your techs based on their labor hours.


Finally, BidClips remains one of the best handyman business software options available in the market today. That's because it makes it simple to sell an increased number of handyman jobs online.

The software does this by offering payment, estimate, messaging, and online booking capabilities in a single place and in a more intuitive way than other software options do.

Customer Relationship Management

When you choose BidClips, you can expect to easily connect with today's customers and offer them higher levels of customer service.

For instance, through BidClips, you can offer digital booking with a down payment. The software also comes with handy upsell options for generating more profit.

BidClips also offers seamless communication through text and email. In addition, you can search for past client interactions to ensure better service during future transactions.

Matchless Digital Organization

Because BidClips is cloud based, you and your handyman team can more easily collaborate to track jobs from the initial request to the completion phase.

For instance, you can use assignments as well as tags on the software to help jobs to remain on track. In addition, you can keep your team organized using automated tasks and internal notes.

The BidClips platform even makes it easy to collect customer payments online so that you keep your bottom line strong.

Quick Quoting

One of the most outstanding benefits of BidClips compared with competitors' software is that it allows you to generate quotes for jobs more accurately and quickly. In addition, you can do this while factoring in your desired profit margin.

For example, with BidClips, you can send a quote with a video and photo. This will automatically give you an edge over the competition.

BidClips also offers automated communication to follow up with all of your estimates.

How We Can Help with Our Handyman Business Software

Popular handyman business software options include Breezeworks, ServiceCEO, and Field Promax. However, one of the best software solutions is BidClips.

At BidClips, we're excited to offer a solution that has helped handyman, painting, window cleaning, and glass and glazing companies to operate more effectively.

Our software can assist you in facilitating top-tier customer communications, managing leads, and managing your customer relationships. Through our solution, you can also manage estimates, jobs, online payments, and reporting more easily.

Get in touch with us to learn more about our handyman software, and request a demo today!