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5 Small Business Benefits of Using CRM Software

Are you looking for ways to improve the organization and strategy behind your sales initiatives? Do you need a better way to keep track of your growing company's book of business? If so, then you need to invest incredible CRM software.

A customer relationship management software (CRM) is a system that helps entrepreneurs such as yourself organize and manage everything regarding your customers (hence the name).

When used correctly, it can help your company have a more customer-first and present brand. See below for an in-depth list highlighting the many benefits that CRM software can offer small businesses.

1. Keeps Track of Touchpoints

It's no secret that staying in touch with your clients is priority number one. As all successful entrepreneurs will tell you, "communication is key".

By investing in CRM software, your company is acknowledging how important a role that communication plays in your business relationships. It will help you organize and monitor your communication like never before.

Using the CRM, you can track all of your touchpoints with clients. Whether you're cold calling a prospect, following up with a current client, or reaching out to fulfill an order, you can track the progress.

These are just a few of the touchpoints you can keep track of from a sales perspective:

  • Cold Calls
  • Follow-Up Calls
  • Face to Face Meetings
  • Drop Bys
  • Emails
  • Livechat Conversations
  • Contact Form Submissions
  • Networking Events
  • Mail Campaigns

That's just the tip of the iceberg. Those are manual touchpoints. In other words, touchpoints that you would record in the CRM manually. A CRM can also help you document user activity such as website visits, social media engagement, etc.

Maintaining constant touchpoints can help you build trust with customers. If you haven't reached out to a lead/client in a while, your CRM will alert you to it so that you can touch base right away.

2. Automate Records

Remember that comment about manual touchpoints? Credible customer relationship management software can actually help you with that.

You can set it up to where it automates any touchpoints within your company's system. Your employees won't have to keep track of their activity any longer.

For example, let's say Wes in Sales makes a cold call. He has a great conversation with a prospect that goes about 5 minutes long. After they hang up, he emails that client with a follow-up message reviewing everything that they talked about.

Without a credible CRM system available, Wes would have to manually keep track of the call and email he sent, as well as schedule a time for him to follow up in his calendar.

If Wes's company has a CRM system in place, he doesn't have to log his calls and emails anymore. The CRM will automate information on the call, as well as track the email with the exact message he sent.

All that he has to worry about on his end is entering a time to follow up, which can also be done on the client's account in the CRM software. Whenever that next appointment happens, Wes will get an update from his CRM alerting him to it.

3. Warms Your Leads

Imagine knowing almost everything you needed to know about a client or business before you make an initial call. Instead of going into the call blindly, you can have an idea of the prospect's interest level.

CRM software can help you track the activity on your site by each account. You can see what pages they visited, what emails they've opened, what products they've looked at, and so forth. 

For example, if you are run a pest control business you might offer traditional pest control services and an eco-friendly option. With a CRM activity tracking, you can tell which service interests your prospect more. This can help you refine your sales approach before you ever pick up the phone. You'll have an idea of the products/services that they might be interested in and where to take the conversation. It gives you more leverage during negotiations.

How you choose to use the information is up to you and your team. Just know, a CRM software gives you access to more insight than ever before!

4. Diligent Appointment Setting

It's been mentioned in this article briefly, but it bears worth repeating: CRM software can help you become more efficient with your appointments.

Often, salesmen and saleswomen are guilty of forgetting an appointment or having it slip their mind to follow up. A CRM software makes sure that never happens again.

You can set appointments and follow-ups on the account and have reminders when you open up the software each day. The appointments you set in CRM can be placed on your Outlook account, and vice versa!

5. Efficient Sales Projections

There are many variables to consider when establishing sales projections. But if you have the right tool in place, you can have a better idea of what to forecast.

The CRM database allows you to pull insight and see the growth of each account you've sold to. It can help you identify strengths and weaknesses within your sales approach.

You can project on a rep by rep basis to help your sales managers (or yourself) hold them accountable to their yearly goals. If production starts to slip, you can be alerted to that as well.

Invest in a CRM Software for Your Business

Now that you have seen several amazing benefits of CRM software for your business, be sure to find the right fit for your growth.

Be sure to visit this page for more information on how to grow your residential and commercial glass business with our sales software. We also offer it for auto glass and window cleaning.

For more inquiries, please be sure to reach out via our contact us page and we will be happy to assist you further.