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A Guide to the Different Types of Software for Vehicle Glass Companies

In the current economic climate, you need every possible advantage. The right business software can give your vehicle glass company a competitive edge.

You can get more qualified leads, make more sales, and retain your customers. You can also improve efficiency with better estimates and billing.

The list of software vendors and types can seem overwhelming, though. Learn more about the types of software for auto glass companies and how they can boost your business.

Benefits of Vehicle Glass Business Software

The right software benefits your vehicle glass business in many ways. You can provide a better customer experience, increase sales, and improve efficiency.

Better Customer Service

Business software for auto glass companies helps you provide better customer service.

Your team members in all departments have access to your customers' information. The customer doesn't need to repeat the same information more than once. Your team can respond to questions and service requests more quickly.

More Sales and Higher Retention

Glass services software can help you increase sales. You can build a better sales pipeline. You can streamline the sales process.

For example, you can automate data entry. You can set reminders to follow up with leads. You can send automatic, personalized emails based on customer behavior.

After you make the sale, the right software helps you retain those customers. You can better respond to support requests. You can offer additional services that match a customer's needs.

Increased Efficiency

Software can help your glass company improve efficiency. You can automate routine tasks to let your staff focus on higher-value activities. You can optimize workflows.

The right software system can reduce redundancies. You don't need to re-enter data for different departments or service requests. You reduce the possibility of errors in data entry.

Cloud-based software is available wherever and whenever your employees need it. Whether they're in the office or in the field, they can access customer and project data. They can complete service requests more quickly.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software

Customer relationship management (CRM) software helps you build better relationships with your customers. It helps you track all communications with leads and clients. The CRM holds all your customer data in one place.

With a CRM, you can get beyond spreadsheets and static information. The system updates automatically. It tracks data like which emails a contact opened or the pages they visited on your website.

Lead scoring shows how hot or cold a lead is. You can focus on your most engaged leads.

A CRM lets you search and filter data to find the most important opportunities. You can add service requests to existing customers without reentering data.

You can personalize marketing to send targeted messages to leads and clients. You can shorten the sales cycle. You can monitor results and analyze them to improve conversions.

Estimating Software

An essential part of your glass company is giving estimates. Giving your potential customer a timely and accurate estimate helps you close the sale.

Estimating software gives you templates to build estimates faster. You can include photos, videos, and descriptions that showcase your products and services.

You can easily offer the customer more than one option. This can help you increase sales. When customers see the value of add-ons and upgrades, they may be more likely to choose premium services.

Estimating software helps ensure that you track every estimate. You can automatically send customized emails or texts to follow up with customers.

Job Management Software

Job management software helps you manage projects more efficiently. You have all the job information in a centralized location. You can assign technicians and create checklists.

You can forecast your capacity and plan ahead more accurately. You can message with customers.

Job management software can automate invoices when the job is complete. You can set triggers based on job status or tags to send invoices by email or text. This can improve billing accuracy and timeliness.

Insurance Claims Management Software

Many auto glass customers will want you to bill their insurance. Software can help streamline this process.

The first step in submitting an auto glass insurance claim is to register with the third-party administrators that most insurance companies use for claims processing. A software solution can help you get registered in days instead of weeks.

You typically have to send the final invoice using EDI (Electronic Data Interchange). EDI is a system for exchanging business information in a standardized format. It allows companies with different internal systems to exchange business documents electronically.

Insurance billing software includes EDI access. The software creates and checks your invoices. This helps reduce EDI and billing rejections. 

You can easily track outstanding invoices and follow up when necessary.

Why Choose an Integrated Vehicle Glass Software System?

Your vehicle glass company can benefit from several types of business software. A CRM helps you increase sales and give better customer service. Software for creating estimates, job management, and insurance billing reduce errors and improve efficiency.

You can get the benefits of these systems without the need to learn separate interfaces for each one. An integrated auto glass solution can be the most cost-effective and user-friendly choice.

BidClips is an all-in-one solution for service businesses like vehicle glass companies. The platform includes:

  • CRM
  • Online booking
  • Messaging
  • Estimates
  • Job management
  • Payments
  • Analytics and reporting

BidClips is cloud-based. You and your team can securely access your data from any device. You can easily stay organized.

Real-time dashboards let you see how your business is performing. You can make more informed decisions.

BidClips features integrations with your other business systems, like Quickbooks and Glas-PAY. You benefit from an even more comprehensive software solution.

Try BidClips for Auto Glass

BidClips is the business software solution your vehicle glass company has been looking for. We can help you capture more qualified leads, automatically follow up, and collect online payments. We help keep your team and your customers on the same page.

Our tiered pricing plan lets you choose the level that best fits your business. Request a demo today to see what the BidClips platform can do for you.