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5 Tips for How to Get Google Reviews for Auto Glass Businesses

About 93% of consumers read reviews of local businesses to determine each one's quality. Another 72% won't take buying action until they read reviews.

Customers spend 31% more when businesses have positive reviews, too.

Learning how to get Google reviews for your auto glass business can help you attract more customers. You can improve your reputation and stand out from the competition. Without reviews, however, consumers might not trust your brand.

Here are five tips that can help you get Google business reviews with ease. Using these tips can help you improve your reputation. You can attract more customers and get leagues ahead of other auto glass businesses.

Set yourself up for success. Learn how to get Google business reviews with these tips today.

1. Update Your Website

Before anything else, take the time to check your Google My Business listing. Claim and optimize your listing if you haven't already. Your Google My Business listing can help consumers find your website.

It can also provide them with directions to your auto glass business.

Create a landing page on your website that's dedicated to Google business reviews. Then, use a plugin to feed your reviews to your website. When someone visits your website, they'll immediately see your reviews.

Add an eye-catching call to action button that includes your Google reviews link. Encourage visitors to leave a Google review. Creating a button will provide customers with a fast, easy way to create their reviews.

Improving the user experience by simplifying the process could encourage them to leave reviews in the future.

If your website is difficult to use, however, they might leave without posting their review.

In addition to adding a call to action button and plugin, consider the user experience on your website. Run your site through Google's Mobile-Friendly Test and PageSpeed Insights. Make sure your site is fast and optimized for mobile devices.

Otherwise, someone who visits your website from their phone might struggle to see your reviews.

If visitors leave without clicking around, your bounce rate will increase as well. A high bounce rate can have a negative impact on your search engine rankings. Lower rankings will make it more difficult for consumers to find your business online.

2. Improve Customer Service

As you learn how to get Google reviews, take a moment to consider your customer service program. If you want to generate more Google business reviews, give consumers a reason. Start providing five-star service to encourage better reviews.

First, make sure any customer-facing staff members receive proper training.

Your customers will judge your auto glass business based on who they're in contact with. If your team isn't prepared, customers will take notice. They might leave negative reviews instead of positive ones.

Make sure every customer feels welcome. Make sure your staff is approachable and friendly as well.

Improving your customer service will encourage more customers to leave positive reviews. They'll take note of your positive service. Customers will want to return to your business as a result.

Keep striving to improve your customer service throughout the year. Find ways to value your customers. For example, you can:

  • Improve communication
  • Show customers you care
  • Reduce wait times

Once you start improving your customer service, you can encourage more people to leave a Google review.

It's important to keep generating reviews throughout the year. In fact, 85% of customersbelieve reviews older than three months are irrelevant. Generating fresh reviews will give future customers updated information about your business.

3. Ask If They're Happy

Take the time to check in with your customers at various points in their experience with your business. For example, consider when they:

  • First contact your auto glass business
  • Arrive with their car
  • Arrive to collect their car
  • Ask questions

During these moments, ask your customers if they're happy. Ask if they have any questions, too. For example, you can ask "Does everything make sense?"

Ask your customers if there's anything you can do to improve their experience as well.

Checking in with your customers will show them you're making an effort. Let customers know they matter to you. You can create a positive impression and continue improving the user experience.

If your customers are happy, great! Ask if they're willing to share their thoughts. Then, direct them to write a Google review on your profile.

4. Wait Until They Collect Their Car

Pay attention to how your customers are feeling when they arrive to collect their car. Are they happy? Have they started raving about their experience?

Use these opportunities to learn how to get Google reviews!

If your customers are happy, ask them to share their thoughts and opinions. Then, provide them with your Google reviews link. Consider using a flyer and QR code to make the process easier for them.

You might be surprised to learn that people want to rave about your shop. You only need to give them the opportunity.

With a polite, friendly request, you can get more Google business reviews and improve your reputation.

5. Wait a Few Days

People are busy. The first time you ask, the customer might have too much on their plate to post a Google review. Instead, wait a few days after they arrive to pick up their car.

Then, check back in. You can call or use an automated email marketing system to send your request.

If you call, make sure the conversation is personal. Write down notes about each customer. For example, you can ask them how their car is.

Then, listen to their feedback. If they sound happy, ask them to write a Google review.

If you send an email instead, make sure to provide a Google reviews link to direct people straight to your listing.

How to Get Google Reviews: Improving Your Company's Online Reputation

Learning how to get Google reviews can set your business up for lasting success. Give these five simple strategies a try. As you generate more Google business reviews, you can boost your online reputation.

Then, you can attract more customers in the future, improving your brand and ROI.

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